How can I get my 22mon. Fem. Chihuahua to calm down?

She shreds everything including cables, shoes, and edges of rugs.
She wines non-stop and barks at everything, yet jumps on everybody to pet her.
I also have a 2yr. old Male who is calm and normal… lol HELP!!!

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    2 Responses to “How can I get my 22mon. Fem. Chihuahua to calm down?”

    1. Grace says:

      How much exercise does she get? Sometimes people assume that since chihuahuas are smaller dogs, they get all the exercise they need while running around inside, but this is not true. Take your dogs for walks frequently, making sure to not take the same route every time. In addition to giving them exercise, the walk will also stimulate them mentally.
      You can also give your dog toys to play with that will keep her busy. Instead of feeding her from a dish, you can put her food into a toy that she has to bat around in order for the food to fall out. There are many other interactive toys that you can check out too:
      Chihuahuas are also noted barkers. The above suggestions should help her to calm down a bit because a dog that is busy doing something, is not a dog sitting around barking. =)

    2. RV says:

      Get her fixed

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