How can i control my dog when he sees another dog?

I walk my dog alot. And hes a big dog. And hes good on a leash. I can handle him really good. But i get scared when he sees another dog. He doesnt bark at all. But the other dogs bark at him. Making my dog run. He rips the leash out of my hands and runs toward the dogs. But he never hurts the dogs. But the dogs always hurt him. How do i control him so me and my dog dont get hurt?

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11 Responses to “How can i control my dog when he sees another dog?”

  1. Izzy A says:

    jeff g is right

  2. Save_the_wolves says:

    he needs to be socialized he is frightened and feels subordanant. he is feeling like they are dominant. take your dog to socilization classes and maybe that will work. the barking makes the other dog feel dominant and the dominant dog always puts other ones in place. think of a wolf pack. the alpha is dominant. the alpha controls other wolves in the pack by pinning them down to put them in their place. youre dog is the other dog. he probably doesnt feel secure.

  3. Jeff G says:

    I remember a dog training programme i watched on TV some time ago … and all the trainer did on it was when they approached another dog coming along they turned around and walked the other way a bit, and then turned back around and continued walking the other way as before.
    The dog didn’t react a bit as he/she had already seen the other dog approaching ……… they did give a fill explination as to why the dog didn’t react after this but i don’t remember it.

    Seems like a more simpler method then previous mentioned and won’t hurt to give ago.

  4. codyody123 says:

    get a harness for your dog that when he tugs it tightens and he can’t mve or get a shock collar but one that if he runs away and he dosnt come back after you call his name it will shock hi

    ps it will just give him a little shock to get his attention

  5. greenertara says:

    My dog used to do the same thing, and after much work w/ a trainer- he is totally cured… here’s what he taught me-
    We went through training sessions for a few minutes- a couple times a day where we practiced ‘heal’ commands. This included using a distraction (a friend’s dog etc.) and keeping my dog walking in time w/ me without even letting him react to the distraction. The leash was kept very short and next to my leg so that as I walked or stopped- so did my dog. Every time he looked or tried to pull away, I would command ‘heal’ and pull him back to me. Everytime he even looked away, command firmly "HEAL!" and pull his head to look forward. It seems stiff at first but it stops the dog from becomming engaged in the distraction at all. The trainer instructed to use a choke collar but some dog’s develop "horners syndrom" from having restriction around their throats. I suggest using a harness as you have control over the bulk of the dog’s weight without harming him should you have to pull him back to the ‘heal’ position. After the heal training, i noticed a difference within a day. Within time, you will only need to say ‘heal’ and the dog will redirect his attention to you.. no more short leash. I hope this helped 🙂 as a dog lover, i know how important it is to keep your pup safe :))

  6. flowerlady60 says:

    Get a good halter, a German made Sporn as I did after lack of success with Gentle Leader over the nose (he pulls it off repeatedly) or the chest halter, he still pulled like an ox, me trailing behind, etc.

    Get him into doggy day care and he will naturally assimilate with other dogs who teach each other quickly the "rules" of the pack", if he is very socially inept, some dogs will prob dislike him BUT the staff normally puts dogs of like temperment and sizes in with like dogs, so chances are: he’ll learn to get along, to make at least one friend, to avoid dogs he doesn’t like or are bullies (mine did) and learns most of all, best of all, WHO he is in the scheme of doggydom. Dogs are SO social, why do you think yours who seems to believe he is your "pal" suddenly bolts to get to other dogs, it is because he wants to do what comes naturally, meet and greet. Dogs who fear are those who get bit. Or who bite. Period. Fear is ignorance so he must NOT have been socialized young. He wants to BE a dog among his OWN kind so he repeats this scenario and fails cause he is socially inept. It is also as you see, potentially dangerous for him as well. He needs some doggy interaction and training.

    Training. YOU are leader. Hierarchy YOU up high in bed on couch, NOT HIM. He understands and respects hierarchy, the wolves down to the dogs, hierarchy is everything. HiM behind YOU when leaving or going OUT the DOG not him first, leaders face dangers FIRST, not the weak, not the child, but the leader OUT the DOOR and IN the DOOR first, leaders LEAD. Dogs are simple not complex, keep commands simple, show love but lead and keep the hierarchy uppermost in your mind, don’t get lax and training is for the life of the dog, they always challenge rule and law, in the dog/wolf world, challenge means "You are leader NOW but I could be" so they test. Don’t give him an inch when it comes to hierarchy, keep it clear and simple. Don’t get lax.

    INVITE him occasionally to the bed and it’s DOWN when you are tired of it, he should immediately go down. SIT STAY in any situation where he is not responding, at the park whatever, use sit stay and keep him focused on sitting until you give the "come" command or whatever YOU want. IT is NOT what HE WANTS. He wants a LEADER OR he seeks to become ONE. YOU don’t want a dog to lead YOU.

    So at the park or wherever: He may learn a hard and deadly lesson from a really nasty dog who will NOT back down and you are there, standing helplessly watching the attack while that dog’s owner may be hundreds of yards away or not even present. Dogs do kill one another, it isn’t uncommon.

    SO gain control even with distractions (other dogs) which you learn in training, be confident, keep a tight rein on him until he can learn to play occasionally and at YOUR discretion with one or two dogs at the park. Nice to be like the others grouped and laughing with their happy dogs (wouldn’t that be nice that HE fit in so YOU can feel ok about him for a change?) but until he is trained and socialized, you cannot do this. He needs to know who is LEADER and when you or others are done and don’t want to play, that he will "Come" and leave when you do. Other dogs will befriend him and recognize him at the park and play in the future, first he needs that training and socialization to know his place and not to fear his own kind.

    So gain control over the situation and him. It will make both of you happy. Good luck.

    Do check out the Sporn, it really worked on our headstrong monster lab and we actually enjoy walks again.

  7. exoticeyes1 says:

    I dont think he spends to much time with other dogs. you should try and take him to a dog park and just let him play and get used to them. He is a big dog. he can take care of him self. But just keep an eye on his behavior and they way the other react

  8. Trina S says:

    Well first, you need to not freak out.

    Then tell him no sternly, and tug on the leash once to divert his attention. Keep walking. Also don’t let him succeed in getting away. He is the master then & it is dangerous for him to just take off when he wants to. He could get hit by a car, or so could you if you chase after him.

  9. blondee says:

    You need to look into training classes if it is getting bad enough that he is getting hurt often. But in the mean time, you need to have a handle on the leash, or wrap it around your hand and keep a firm grip on the leash. If you can’t control him and he is too big for you, then get someone else to walk him until you can train with him.

  10. eqquus241 says:

    try a gentle leader collar or haltie , its like a halter on a horse and gives you great control. you can get them at petco or any other pet supply store

  11. says:

    First off, get a air compreser thing like a blow horn with out the horn. spray it in his face. eventually, he won’t chase them because he knows he will get punished. Hope this helped. Use a retractable leash. That way you can control him and it is plastic so it won’t rip out of your hands as much.

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