How can I calm down my dog?

Okay, so I have this HUGE bloodhound. Well I have 2. The one is perfectly calm, but the other one is way too hyper. I keep hearing "Walk them every day" The thing is, he pulls and jumps like crazy. I’m only 5’2 and when he jumps he’s bigger then I am and can knock me right over, and there are a lot of other dogs who just run freely in the neighborhood so you really can’t walk him.
I keep them in a huge kennel in the backyard together though and they stay in there together for the majority of the day.

I just need some help because its impossible to care for this dog. =W=

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    3 Responses to “How can I calm down my dog?”

    1. Emma says:

      here are a few possible solutions/remedies:
      1) give him a benadryl, it is perfectly safe, my vet told me
      2) go to your local pet store and buy a doggie calming medication/treat
      3) play fetch or some other game that requires lots of energy (other than walks of course) i have a tether ball pole in my back yard and my VERY VERY VERY hyper border collie go’s crazy for it and comes in, goes to his bed and crashes for a few hours. or you can go to a hardware store or walmart or something and get a long/medium stick, some string, and a ball to make a teaser toy. tell me whatcha think 🙂

    2. ♥~knfsCruff~♥ says:

      well… that’s why most likely why he’s always hiper. because he has to spend all day in that kennel. try taking him out for more walks. and petting him…

    3. GlitterPop says:

      Walks is your best choice, he just has too much energy. If you have a treadmill maybe you can have him take it on there. If you keep him cooped up in the kennel all day, he will obviously go crazy and want to burn some energy and go hyper. Im pretty short too and i own this huge Rottweiler with the same issue. What i do is play a lot of games that make him use his strength. It seems to tire him out pretty fast. Maybe a good game of tug of war or chase him would help. Hope i helped!

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