housetraining my dog?

I have an english mastiff and because of the winter months I want to keep him in the house. It gets from 20 to 30 degrees at night and sometimes rains and snows. I bought him a crate for the garage to sleep in at night. It’s warmer in there but I was considering letting him sleep in the house with us. He’s not quite a year and weighs 140 so I dont want him wandering around at night. He;s really curious and I know he will get bored, especially since we’ll be sleeping. He has gone to the restroom in the house once before while we were sleeping, mostly because i think he didnt know where to go. We cant install a doggy door for him, and his crate is huge and takes up tooo much space in the house. Is there a way I can potty train him to go outside only or even just on a potty pad(even though his poop is gigantic!!) also, how long does it take to train a 11 month old dog. Thanks!

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  1. rjn529 says:

    Don’t use the pads – this only encourages the dog to go inside.

    Any dog can be taught to go outside and in a certain part of the yard. Some will take longer than others, depending on the dog, their age, and any past history.

    First and foremost, when you cannot watch the dog, i.e., at night or when you are not home, the dog needs to be confined to a crate or very small area. A dog will not soil their “home”, as they don’t want to be near it, either!

    As soon as you get home, or when you get up in the morning, put the dog on leash, and walk them outside to a spot where you want them to go. Always go to the same area. This will become their potty spot, and will make things a lot easier for clean up. As you go outside with them, tell them to “go potty”. They will soon learn what this means, which will help in the long run.

    As soon as they go outside where they are supposed to, a lot of praise, petting, and an occasional treat. This will reinforce that you are happy with them. Do this praise immediately, as a dog’s attention span is very short and if you wait, they will be happy you are praising them, but they will not know why you are praising them.

    If the dog makes a mistake and goes in the house –
    If you are there and see them start to go, tell them “no” in a firm voice, immediately take them outside to their potty spot.
    If you do not see them actually in the act, then do nothing. Scolding the dog after the fact will not teach them, as they will not remember what they did and will not know why you are angry.

    Do not give the dog food or water within 2 hours of bed time.
    Get the dog on a schedule as soon as possible for feeding and potty times. The dog’s internal system will soon learn this schedule and they will be able to wait until their scheduled time.

  2. bastuardo1 says:

    11 months old is a little late to start, but the best way is to crate train him, and keep his crate inside. it will prevent him from doing his business while your asleep, and from wandering around the house.

  3. JR says:

    You would need a potty pad the size of a 5×8 rug to make sure he didn’t miss. The crate is smaller than that.

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