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4 Responses to “Housebreaking – My Dog Pees on Everything”

  1. pipuk3 says:

    my dog starting peeing in the bathroom after my father (whos had a stroke) who was visiting wet the floor in there because he can’t control his bladder , now the bathroom door has to be kept closed so he doesn’t go in there when no-one is watching and wet the floor , its the same with the upstairs bedrooms his not allowed upstairs on his own because he wets the beds but if your with him he doesn’t do it.

  2. Yalf111 says:

    he’s responding to your body language most likely. You should watch this guy’s clip on that.

  3. nguyenlesly says:

    oh wow i had no idea that dogs pee on everything because they get territorial. no wonder my shitzu pees on EVERRyTHING! it gets very annoying

  4. jerrym2007 says:

    I could keep an eye on my dog when I’m at home, but how do I train him to not pee while I’m at work? I also have a chiuaua. He knows he does it too, because every time I look at his pee then look at him he puts his ears back and hides his tail.

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