house train my great dane to not potty?

i have a year old great dane. she is an outside dog but i am wanting to bring her inside. how can i train her not to potty inside the house? i sold her kennel so i cant keep her in a cage while inside

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    6 Responses to “house train my great dane to not potty?”

    1. Kimberley says:

      Thank God you are bringing the dog inside the house. Dogs are pack animals and aren’t meant to be alone…especially outside, that is abusive. So, good to hear she is coming in the house. You will have to be extra patient with her, and you must buy another crate for her, not just for house breaking but for safety. Leave toys in the cage that she can’t tear up, like Kong bones, only leave some water for her to drink, no food, and remember to remove her collar while she is crated. Never use the crate for any kind of punishment either, the dog has to know the crate is a safe and happy place. When you place her in the crate, and when you take her out, act like it is no big deal, don’t do a happy voice or face. Also, she should sleep in the crate at night too. Again, be patient, she isn’t used to being apart of a family, it will take time for her to adjust and know she is safe. Just love her extra more.

    2. Bree says:

      After you feed her take her outside and when she goes give a treat and praise her and while she going say potty (poo pee ect) so she has a word with the action.

    3. animal luver says:

      make a schedule on when she should so you know when to take her out. and you dont want her stuck in a kennel all day anyway its boring and uncomfortable for the dog

    4. Rotten Rotts You can call a vet for FREE says:

      Just get her on a schedule of walking her out routinely and praise her when she does her thing. If a dog is used to going outside to poop/pee sometimes it is easier.

    5. ladystang says:

      you have to train like any other puppy, just going to take longer

    6. K9 says:

      The best way you can get your great dane to potty outside the house and never inside the house is with the use of positive reinforcement training.

      Teach her to potty by ROUTINE. Take her out for walks in the morning when she wakes up or if that is not possible, just let her out of the house first thing in the morning. Once outside, give a command. Tell her "go potty" and wait until she does her business then praise her and give her a dog biscuit or any doggy treat you have available.

      Let her out of the house again after you feed her or after every meal. Remember to use the same command the minute she is out of the house and make sure to praise and reward your dog after she potties.

      If your dog ever potties inside the house whether purposely or by accident, don’t shout or scold your dog. That’s only going to cause confusion and make her think that it’s NOT ok to do it when you are around and that she should do it where you can’t see her potty, that includes peeing and pooping inside the house when you’re asleep or when you’re at work.

      Just clean up and then continue training her by routine and by repetition. Being patient and consistent is the key to successful potty training.

      If you ever catch your dog peeing inside the house, grab a spray bottle and squirt her with water. This will stop whatever she is doing. Take her outside the house immediately. Give the command then praise and reward the dog after she eliminates.

      Hope this helps!

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