Help! We just got married but our pets don't get along!?

My hubby has a 110 lb pit bull and I have a 4 lb chihuahua. He says no pets inside I say chi should stay inside and his pit outside. The pit is on a runner which he escapes from often. The chi is in a large kennel or loose in yard. Yesterday the pit bull got loose caved in my Chihuahua’s kennel trying to get him now chi has no cage. Last week hubby let his pit loose for play time and attempted to "introduce the two" so he claims. I heard my chi cry out as if in danger so I run outside to see my husband prying my chi’s head out of his pit’s mouth! Amazingly my chi was unharmed I was thankful but Im still VERY angry about it. Today I purchased a new cage I choose a large heavy duty one. I don’t know what to do Im afraid his dog is ultamatly going to kill mine. We knew this was going to be a problem we thought of this ahead of time but Its just not working any suggestions?

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10 Responses to “Help! We just got married but our pets don't get along!?”

  1. guybythesea says:

    its a chalenge but hey…..
    try walking the dogs often you take the chi and yr partener take the pit, keep a distance to begin with by the sounds of it this wont be hard, stop after a while at a park and if theyve been well behaved give them a treat always giving each dog the same praise, after sum time that same walk change you walk the pit and he walks the chi if needed get a snout guard to begin with for the pit ,if you let the dogs come in side keep on leashers for the first couple of times if the pit is agressive towards the chi in a firm voice say no sit relax when he sits reward him, cooked bacon rashes is a good reward keep doing this then let them both outside for a few hours then try again, always walk the dogs together with both of you present it will take sum time but if you show yr not scared of the pit but have control in yr voice not screaming at him but a firm deep voice calm but deep,you will soon get this problem fixed i know that pit bulls are dense so it wont happen over night but aslong as you keep to a routine in showing them the same praise when there good and you both change owner ship when walking these dogs it will help, as by you walking the pit dog it changes the way the dogs thinking, hell be thinking hey wats this why is she walking me ?
    and wat is he doin with that dog his my owner,
    by doing this hell soon become to relise that you are both now part of the family, if this doesnt work then i suggest you talk to a profesional dog trainer this problem can be fixed its the way you talk to the animals and the body langage that they behave on, so be incontrol and deal with this together, no point just one of you trying to fix the problem you both as a team need to take control show whos boss, they are the kids you are the adults try my method if any other questions just ask…. hoped this helps yr situation

  2. Fire'n'Ice says:

    If you sincerely love your pet, then find a good home for the dog, because if you don’t, the pit bull will kill it. or,

    Tell your new husband to hit the door with his mutt since he can’t seem to control his own pet, what kind of father will he be to the children you have together? It does sadden me to read about something like this, since I have been around all kinds of animals all of my life, and if faced with the same set of circumstances, I would do one of the two solutions that I listed above.

    Good Luck in whichever way you decide to go, but please don’t allow the pit bull to harm your beloved pet, at least give your pet some respect and find it another happy home.



  3. twinkle2twinkle says:

    get rid of both of them before something bad happens and get you a dog that you both like. give the other two maybe to family or friends so that you can have visiting rights.

  4. giuseppi says:

    a pit bull and chihuaua…
    i’m sorry, but that just cracks me up

    i don’t think your animals are going to learn to get along- if the pit bull is aggressive like that, it’s in his nature and it’s probably not going to change. you could try an obedience school, but i would just keep the two apart if iwere you… or get rid of one…

  5. littlemissdetective says:

    This is a very serious question and I am going to do my best to help you. My best advise is for you to find another home for your chihuahua QUICK! I am shocked that you got as close as you did to the pit bulls owner (to actually marry him), knowing the situation. PLEASE GET YOUR CHI OUT OF THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    Keeping him in the cage isn’t going to work, can you just imagine the fear that little dog will experience! And worse, if it gets mauled and/or killed!!!! Do what is right and make a choice: the dog or the man. I already know which one I would choose. What if that dog was your little child (which it really is you know)? Enough said?

  6. crazycovey21 says:

    we had this problem but never with a pit and a chihhuaha.. these dogs both have very strong personallities so it will definetly be a challenge whatever happens..

    try to buy a cage for the pit since you just bought one for the chihhuaha.. put them next to eachother so the cages entrance are touching on each cage.

    allow the dogs to stay in the cage for a majority of the time face to face like this and they will have no option but to get used to eachother.. this usually works after three days from my experiences.

    if this does not work maybe your husband can sell his pit to Michael Vick.

  7. Miranda C says:

    this seems harsh, but get rid of both pets and start over with a new puppy that you pick together. I do not see any other solution, and u want your marriage to work. i know your pets are like your family, but they won’t last as it is anyway

  8. jack&coke420 says:

    Let the pitbull eat the chihuahua. Problem solved!
    Chihuahua is just a big rat. Or let me feed it to my friends Boa contrictor. Ill give you his email if you want it. Bruno’s real hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. taraloha says:

    I can’t believe that you didn’t introduce your dogs before moving in together.

    The only thing I can think of is to partition off a part of the yard for one of the dogs. Get a 6-7′ high chain link fence and make a big cage out of it. Ugly, but functional…and it’ll help keep the chihuahua alive.

  10. bluegirl6 says:

    Let the chi live inside. Is your man heartless? It is too cold outside for a little dog like that and surely it is toilet trained?
    Tell hubby to sleep outside cos he sounds like the only animal to me.

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