HELP my dog just swallowed an oxy cleaning pad?

My lab just swallowed one I dropped on the floor I cant believe he ate it in 1 second i had no time to open his mouth and get it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! is he going to be ok does this need a vet??????

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    6 Responses to “HELP my dog just swallowed an oxy cleaning pad?”

    1. amazingly intelligent says:

      Call a vet or poison control. Read the box to see if there are any instructions on what to do if the product is ingested. Sometimes offering water or milk is the wrong thing! Don’t wait, take action now.

    2. cicipaige says:

      i would call the vet to check to see if you need to take it in!!

    3. NatureChick says:

      call your vet and ask what you should do.

      try to give him a lott of water i hear that helps!!

      it shouldn’t be thatt bad for him but it could be

      read the warnings and stuff on the box and any other ingredient stuff.

    4. Soldiers_girl says:

      Well If I was you I would wait till morning, and maybe just call the vet to make sure.
      I’m sure it can’t kill him

    5. Yanisse says:

      i think he’ll be fine.. just give him ALOT of water.

      he will most likely digest it and is a big dog.. but like i said im pretty sure he’ll be okay..

    6. khawk says:

      Call your vet and just ask them what to do. Then you will be sure. You might need to take him to the vet or you might not because like other ppl said he might be able to just digest it since he is a big dog.

      🙂 hope i helped

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