Help, my dog is eliminating in her crate after being in a kennel.?

We went on vacation and left our house trained 16 month old dog in a boarding kennel. The kennel was very highly recommended by friends and our vet. Evidently, they left her in a med crate sized concrete run. She has been house trained for almost a year now and has never ever eliminated in her crate… until now! She ate their food causing her to have diarrhea which I anticipated. She must have done all her business in the kennel while we were gone because she has gone twice (poop once and urinated a different time) in our crate since coming home yesterday. Is there a way to untrain this bad habit and get my sweet doggy to "go" outside again?

Side note: we will not use this boarding kennel again!

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2 Responses to “Help, my dog is eliminating in her crate after being in a kennel.?”

  1. wishnuwelltoo says:

    My mom used a kennel once and they beat her puppy so badly, it never recovered. I would just start potty training back at the beginning. Maybe child gate her instead of a crate. I am sorry these people were so terrible to your dog, you need to report this to your vet and the people who recommended this kennel. I would also report it to the kennel owners.

  2. Jordan says:

    Back to square one with the potty training, unfortunately. I would suggest putting more stuff in her kennel so that the entire floor space becomes her bed instead of just one section in it. If the crate is too large, she’ll find a place far from where she sleeps.

    Also, she could have gotten sick from the food and if the behavior continues, I would call your vet. Such a drastic change is cause for alarm.

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