Help! Dog Boarding Incident!?

Please help! I just got back from a two week trip and i left my 3 dogs ( a golden retriever and 2 italian greyhounds )at a boarding kennel that was recommended to us from a breeder. I called ahead and when i got there most of the hair on my Golden’s rear and left leg was cut off including all of her tail fur! I asked them if they had cut or shaved it off and they said no and that they didn’t know why her hair was like that. You can actually see the scissor marks on her so i know she didn’t bite it off and also she has never had a habit of doing that. I have a feeling that she probably had poop in her coat and that they had cut it off so she didn’t look dirty. I really am appalled at her condition since her coat was top shape and long when i dropped her off. I don’t know what to do and I need to get advice at what i can do to make them admit what they did and if i should take this any farther. I am so upset at her coat condition i am crying as i write this, she is truly my pride and joy!
Thank you and please give me some good advice!:)

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9 Responses to “Help! Dog Boarding Incident!?”

  1. Don says:

    I just had a bad boarding incident too. Is there any chance that you are in SE Wisconsin? If so, please reply to my questions so we can compare notes. Thank you.;_ylt=AmDXBEHlYUTPrWJqTyj2vrzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110103153115AAC2C57

  2. ms manners says:

    Its hair. It will grow back.

    They did not cut off a toe (that would be worthy of tears.)

    Unless you are showing your dog and now will not be able to do so because of the coat, you have suffered no damages, and you cannot sue.

    I assume you have already expressed your displeasure to whoever was there when you picked up your dog. If the kennel has a corporate office, or you know someone in a position higher than the person you already spoke with, write them a letter of complaint, and you may be able to get a refund on some of the charges.

    And be sure to let the person who recommended the kennel to you know what happened.

  3. Bentley says:

    HI as much as the dog’s coat looks bad there is little legally that you can do unless you can prove that because of this the dog could not participate in a show or some other monetary gain. Even if the dog had died it is only in the law considered property and you would only get the value of the dog so considering that it is only the fur I don’t think there is anything for you to gain to try to take it much further. You could grab a picture of the dog before and after the cut and look up the boarding facility if they have an on line website you could leave negative feedback. That will cost them a lot more than a legal fee for something you won’t win. Also you have to read the contract you signed with them as there is probably a clause in there somewhere for such mishaps. Be happy it did not cost you an exuberant bill for illness which would be in their clause as well.

  4. Smokies Hiker says:

    If you have photos of her condition and the condition of the Greyhounds before you took them to this boarding kennel. That would surely help to prove your complaint about the care your animals received at this place! You’d have thought that they would have just bathed her if there was something in her fur! That would have been so much easier than an attempt at cutting her fur off! Be sure to take some photos immediately in case you need them for a claim against this boarding kennel. This is unbelievable that anyone could be this incompetent around animals. You should ask an expert if this damage will be unnoticeable when her fur grows back. If anything has changed because of their ineptness at the boarding kennel, you should be able to recover something. Good luck!

  5. SunneeOne w says:

    I worked in a boarding kennel for several years and have seen all kinds of things happen.

    We would never cut the dogs hair unless specifically asked to do so by the owner of the dog.
    We always bathed the dogs when going home, as dogs can smell like the kennel no matter how clean you keep it.

    Have you ever boarded your dog before?

    Could be if you haven’t that the dog chewed her tail as she was nervous.

    Could be that she was cleaned up and someone went a little to far in the trimming and or cleaning of the rear end, could be that the dog was more matted or tangled than you thought or were aware of, could be someone thought it would be easier if the dogs hair was shorter, especially if it is prone to poop…thus being more clean for the dog and you.

    Your not going to get them to admit to it. But if you discussed your disapproval of this with them calmly and let them know your displeasure they will most likely comp you something for your unhappiness as to keep your business.

    My thought is this. If your dogs were all happy when you picked them up and you have no other problems…than find your happiness in that. I would be upset too, but happy that their boarding experience was a good one….hair can grow back.

    Let them know of your unhappiness….my guess is they will take even better care of your dog next time….and always let them know what is ok to do, and what isn’t.

  6. Amanda says:

    Amen mama tex!

    and i hope those jerks get shut down! im so sorry for your dogs. 🙁

  7. FerretJupiter9 says:

    SUE THEM! 🙂

  8. Mama Tex says:

    Contact the owner for "satisfaction". Tell her you will take this further if need be. Also contact the person who recommended this place so they don’t send anyone else there. Take your dog to a groomer to confirm scissor marks and get a note form them to include in your report to the owner. Then top it off with a letter to the BBB.

  9. Amanda says:

    omg hun you should press charges for them cutting your dogs fur. It will eventually grow back but it was pro bally something they did if you can see the scissor marks. Go back to the kennel and show them the scissor marks and demand them to confess they did it or threaten to press charges

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