Have you ever used "Carpet Tiles" from somewhere like Lowes? Rather than rugs or wall-to-wall?

I am in dire need of carpeting in our upstairs. We have what used to be beige but we also have kids and pets. The wall-to-wall up there is over 14 years old.

To save money, I was looking at Lowes and saw they have carpet tiles. Are these similar to bathroom tiles, only carpet? Don’t seams show or squares come loose?

Any firsthand knowledge of these would be so appreciated.

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5 Responses to “Have you ever used "Carpet Tiles" from somewhere like Lowes? Rather than rugs or wall-to-wall?”

  1. Jennae P says:

    The only carpet tiles I have worked with are from FLOR ( http://www.flor.com ), and they were very easy to work with, whether you are doing a whole room or just an area rug. There is no adhesive on the back of the tiles. You simple use the FLOR dots to attach the carpet tiles to each other at the 4 corners. This way, they are easy to remove and/or replace. Check out their website. You can build your whole rug online (so you can see colors, patterns, etc.), and you can also order tile samples. They are great. I have a FLOR rug in almost every room of my house. And they are very eco-friendly. You can send your used carpet tiles back to FLOR once you are done with them.

    Hope this helps!

    Visit http://www.greenyourdecor.com for eco-friendly home decor products and tips!

  2. Greg C says:

    When butted together the seams do not show much if the carpet is dark or has a texture. The idea is that you buy extra and can replace them when you get a stain or high traffic wear in an area. The other advantage is you can do 2 colors in a checkerboard pattern then the seams do not matter as much. Think white and black in a marble foyer or kitchen. Or think center color with different color border near the edge.

    You can probably get carpet remnants that will fill a room like wall to wall, and replace the carpet every few years cheaper than carpet squares which will require placing and cutting.

    If you have allergies, an area rug on wood floors is better and will add design and color to the room. Try Rug Outlet for some reasonable and decent carpet online.

    We did carpet squares in a high traffic entry in about 6 academic buildings and they were tweed flecked and commercial quality. They stayed in place and worked well. Coffee stains were the biggest problem, so replacing a few here and there worked well.

  3. quickblur says:

    I was able to get 2 of those sample books for free since they were changing to new models, so I took them out and tiled the floor of my dorm room with them.

    It might not look super classy but it felt nice. Target also sells these "build your own carpet" sets that are like tiles but they are meant to stay in one place and not have seams showing.

  4. sobe_it_69 says:

    they not work real good slip and slide lots

  5. twoges says:

    A lot of commercial buildings you go into have carpet tiles. They are cheaper when it comes to doing a patch job instead of replacement of the entire carpet. Sometimes seams will show if you are not careful in the install! I have never seen them come loose.
    My office is putting these in next month. The common area of the building has them already. They look just like normal carpet does. I can’t see the seams!
    My cousin put these down in her walk out basement. They had fun making a pattern with the way the carpet nap runs. They made a checkerboard pattern with the texture not the color. It is so cool!
    I wish you the best of luck! With pets and kids this is a great option.

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