Has Anybody Ever Been to Puppy Love Pet Shop in Danbury, CT?

I’m in CT for a few weeks to visit family and I stopped in to a pet store to get a bag of dog food for my doggies (which are with me). When I went in I noticed they had puppies and I was appaulled. I went over to just look at the puppies. This is what I saw:

Schnoodle (Miniature Schnauzer/Toy Poodle)
Scared to death, cowering in back of cage

Nose running very badly

Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Miniature Poodle)
Looks healthy

Hacking cough, looks like kennel cough

Yorkshire Terrier
Hacking cough, probably kennel cough

Golden Retriever
Peeing blood

Ribs and hip bones showing

Shorkie Tzu (Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier)
Hacking cough, possibly kennel cough

Boston Terrier
Diarrhea and mild vomiting

Very hard time breathing and coughing loudly

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
Healthy looking

Shih Tzu
Covered in scabs

Ear mites visible through cage

Hacking cough

Looks healthy

Bernese Mountain Dog
Looks healthy

Toy Poodle

Yorkshire Terrier
Hacking cough

Peekapoo (Pekingese/Toy Poodle)
Diarrhea with blood

Golden Retriever
Hacking cough

Worms in stool


English Springer Spaniel
Can’t walk on one leg

Cherry eyes

Labrador Retriever
Hacking cough

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Hacking cough

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Looks healthy

Border Collie
Looks healthy

German Shepherd Dog
Hacking cough

German Shepherd Dog
Hacking cough

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Hacking cough

I made notes on a pad of scratch paper I had in my purse. Do you think I should contact animal control or the humane society? I feel so bad. Most of the puppies are very sickly.
Rayven ~ Do you really have to be so rude? I don’t know the laws regarding pet store puppies. Why even answer?

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    14 Responses to “Has Anybody Ever Been to Puppy Love Pet Shop in Danbury, CT?”

    1. fdgdfg says:

      I find it sad that you had the time and patience to examine ALL of the dogs and write about each of them on a piece of paper. They’re all from puppy mills, what the fvck did you expect them to be in tip top shape?

    2. ┌──.──┐ Lakadeema └──.──┘ says:

      Uh huh… that’s a real good memory.

    3. Jenny Manyteeth says:

      Call them both. Call the police. Call the news. If there’s a consumer advocate at one of your local television stations, call them. Those pups should be receiving medical care, esp. the one peeing blood and the one with the injured leg. Ask the police to contact the AKC and verify that any papers being offered are authentic and match up with the source(s) the shop owner claims for his pups. AKC has documented some fraud in some places where fake AKC papers were being given with pups who were not remotely related to the dogs named on the papers. Mention that such pups usually come from puppy mills; if the cops can backtrack the pups, maybe they can bust the mill, as well.

    4. Besties4life<3 says:

      Any dog or cat imported into this state shall be accompanied by a certificate of health issued no more than 30 days prior to entry by a licensed veterinarian and approved by the proper livestock sanitary official of the state of its origin, stating that such dog or cat is free from clinical signs of any infectious, contagious or communicable disease, that such dog or cat is not from an area under quarantine for rabies. Any such dog or cat over 3 months of age must have proof of current rabies vaccination given by a veterinarian prior to the date of importation and not have been exposed to rabies within the past 100 days. A copy of such health certificate shall be forwarded promptly to the commissioner. Any person may import, from another state any licensed dog with collar and tag, and keep the same in this state for not more than thirty days without complying with the provision of section 22-337 or 22-338. No person firm or corporation shall import or export for the purposes of sale or offering for sale any dog under the age of eight weeks unless such dog is transported with its dam and no person firm or corporation shall sell within the state any dog or cat under the age of eight weeks. Any person firm or corporation violating the provisions of this section or bring in any dog into this state from an area under quarantine for rabies shall be fined not more than $100.00 or imprisoned not more than 30 days or both.

      standards for animal Health for CT.

    5. ladystang says:

      sounds like most shops
      yes call animal control and report

    6. Steve E says:

      This is the reason pet stores shouldn’t ever sell puppies so unethical. So yes do what you can to get them shut down go to the mayor of your city and complain.

    7. Stephanie M. says:

      You shouldn’t even call these puppies by their "designer" names. Your just supporting backyard breeding. Report the store to the HSUS.


    8. There is no cure for Ignorance Eliminates Trolls says:

      Yes report it to the Humane society puppy mill puppies but the name is a bit of a give away i would not of stepped foot in a place like that in the first place i have heard of that place and don’t even live in the US

    9. sisu says:

      Contact the local newspaper or tv station to ask if they would be interested in investigative reporting related to this and other puppy mill stores.

    10. Rayven ~ New Year Same Old Shyte says:

      one why are you surprised and two if you were really that concerned you would have reported them the minute you left the store. I mean come on do you really need other people to tell you this?

    11. Rosalie says:

      Here’s who you contact – the State veterinarian’s office. They regulate pet shops, and their license to sell animals:

      Dr. Mary J. Lis, State Veterinarian
      Connecticut Department of Agriculture
      165 Capitol Avenue, Room G-8A
      Hartford, CT 06106
      860-713-2505 (Office)
      860-713-2515 (Fax)
      E-Mail: mary.lis@ct.gov
      Web site: http://www.ct.gov/doag

    12. APBT Rocks! says:

      Yes you should you are a very good person do It NOW!!

    13. Best of the Bernards says:

      Its a Pet Shop. Those puppies must have come from some sort of Puppy Mill. I agree they are very unhealthy, and something like this must be reported. No one is going to buy them if there very sick.

    14. sunshine says:

      Good for you for making notes! Now, use those notes and report what you saw to Animal Services, animal control, SPCA, humane society, or whoever takes care of those things in that area NOW! Thanks for caring about those poor dogs!

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