German Shepherd judging at 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Show

Westminster Kennel Club German Shepherd class judging, February 15, 2010. Judge: Mrs. Helen Lee James, Littleton, CO. Edited for time. Dogs that placed are shown. Best of Breed winner: Ch Kridler’s Nutmeg V Signature, Bitch AKC: DN 18495003, Date of Birth: February 17, 2007, Breeder: Tari Kridler & Joe & Leslie Beccia, Sire: Ch Kenlyn’s Aries V HiCliff, Dam: Ch Kridler’s Tanzanite V Signature, Owner: Rebecca Tsaro Dickson & James and Sheree Moses.

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6 Responses to “German Shepherd judging at 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Show”

  1. LionessCub1 says:

    @Ookaminokemono Have you seen the hinge backed dogs at the sieger show? The problem with these dogs is that their ligaments are far too loose, and they are walking almost on their hocks. Their angulation isn’t pretty either however their toplines are far better than some of the roached monsters you see in sieger shows…. Working line is your best bet for a dog with sound structure

  2. Ookaminokemono says:

    @ladytech52 don’t be surprised, these are the so-called “American Bloodline” GSDs. steep back and legs are very angled. Whereas the dogs from the German Bloodline are slightly bigger, have straight backs, and legs aren’t as angled.

  3. ladytech52 says:

    These are supposed to be German Sheperds? OMG they are deformed!

  4. gsdsanddx4life says:

    James Moses in in this with his newer gsd Katie.. He’s amazing with gsds and I look up to him because I want to show gsds

  5. GretchAnya says:

    GO MEG GO!!!!

  6. bububububak says:

    the low ass is ugly… these dogs used to be so beutiful until it started to be in…..

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