Gentlemen of Fortune “Джентльмены удачи” Subtitles (ENGLISH, RO, RU, PL, BG)

OPTIONAL SUBTITLES (ENGLISH, ROMANIAN, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian). Select the language you want by using “CC” option. If you want any other language just use the option “Translate Captions” from the “CC” button. Dzhentlmeny udachi (1972) Джентльмены удачи Director: Aleksandr Seryj Writers: Georgi Daneliya, Viktoriya Tokareva Stars:Evgeni Leonov, Georgiy Vitsin and Radner Muratov Gentlemen of Fortune is a Soviet comedy, filmed at Mosfilm. The stars of the film include famous Soviet actors such as Savely Kramarov, Yevgeny Leonov, Georgy Vitsin, and Radner Muratov. The film was the leader of Soviet distribution in 1972 having 65.02 million viewers. The movie follows the story of an amiable kindergarten director named Troshkin who looks exactly like a criminal called Docent (Доцент, literally associate professor) that has stolen Alexander the Great’s helmet at an archeological excavation. Docent and his gang are caught by police, but Docent is imprisoned in a different jail than his mates. Since Troshkin looks identical to Docent, the police puts him in prison with the real criminals to get information about the stolen helmet. He must pretend to be the real felon Docent, so in order to be convincing, Troshkin, a well-educated and good-natured man, has to learn slang and manners of criminals. The film was directed by Aleksandr Seryj who had just came out of prison. Georgi Daneliya assisted him and wrote the script. Seryj used his prison experience to design many situations in

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