For those who never crate trained their puppies, how did you potty train?

My dog (7 mo old Shih Tzu)is crate trained and trained to potty outside (somewhat) We still have accidents due to my timing. Anyway, I was considering letting him roam around at least at night to cut down on the 3 am barking and crying to get out of the crate. he has severe separation anxiety, and I would have already just let him be if I wasnt afraid that he would use the carpet as his personal toilet at night. What should I do? Can I have him trained to go outside AND use the potty pads?
I live in an 2nd floor apartment. I let him out when he barks excessively cause my neighbors have had enough with his noise!

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13 Responses to “For those who never crate trained their puppies, how did you potty train?”

  1. Ryan C says:

    dont listen to these people now every dog little diffrent. basically some dogs that i have if you put them in the crate as soon you catch them act that works. or if you see them act take the outside then crate them. but never punish the dog if you dont see you dog doing that. cause they then dont know why you are mad at the dog. the pad are good for puppys but gets to expensive. i would buy nature miracle which cleaner for pee and poo stains you can get it at petco.petsmart. make sure when your dog does go to the bathroom praise or give the dog a treat

  2. Erika :p says:

    my mother acualy train my poodle to poop and pee in the bathroom will of course not in the toilet but he has pee pads in the bathroom hes pretty smart we still cheer and make a big deal when he goes to the bathroom instead of the carpethe also has separation anxiety so he goes every were with us hes tiny

  3. Jennifer D says:

    My dog for some reason, potty trained himself. I just let him out ever couple of hours and he never used the bathroom in the house. He is goofy anyway, he is like a shadow and if I move an inch so does he.

  4. BoxersMom says:

    You can now take the next step to housebreaking. This is teaching him to hold his bladder longer. You puppy should be able to go all night by this point with out going to the bathroom.
    To do this,,, When it is time for him to go out distract him for a few minutes then take him out. Each time add a few more minutes. Once he has learned to hold it you can sleep through the night.
    No water after 7:00 pm this will help as well.
    At night you can put him in a puppy pen instead of the crate which will give him a little more freedom. Put old towels down in case of accident to protect your carpet. Have a good cleaner on hand.

  5. softballchick says:


  6. radar_lover_2007 says:

    they don’t that’s why there home smell like dogie pee and poop

  7. hshapiro21 says:

    get a doggy door

  8. Faith says:

    Well why don’t you get a doggy door from petsmart they have an install kit and everything.My house came with a doggy dorr and they go out and they bark but since im a deep sleeper i dont here it but yeah get a doggy door and install it your self i think its easier to do

  9. rockyfella25 says:

    potty pads will ruin him so its better not too use them..if you want too try him out of his crate then try closing him in your bedroom with you..

  10. Amanda says:

    Letting him out of the crate will just eliminate that as a possibility… if you take him out when he is making all that noise, he’ll associate all that noise with being let out of his crate… meaning he will do that every time he is put in there.

    Doing both puppy pads and outside will just confuse him. Stick to one and don’t waver from it.

  11. hellosunshine_hb says:

    My pup was crate trained (still is), and is just over 5 months old. About a month ago, I started leaving him in the hallway outside of my bedroom (it is enclosed with doors, so he stays in) where he’s got his crate (door open), bed, and some toys in case he wakes up and gets bored. No accidents! (fingers crossed)

    I wouldn’t recommend using pads… you’ll be taking 2 steps backwards at this point. Just take her water up an hour or two before bed time, and make sure she gets one last potty break before bed. She should be able to hold it all night.

    I say give it a try, and see how she does…. but start small, and limit her to one room, use baby gates if needed. Good luck!

  12. W. says:

    Trying to train him to go outside AND use potty pads will only defeat the purpose of training him to go outside.
    You need to watch him constantly for signs of needing to go and take praise him when he does go outside. try training him to ring a bell hanging on the door knob whenever he needs to go.

  13. MeanJean says:

    You have to pick one or the other, either outside only, or potty pads. And if you stick with the potty pads, more than likely you’ll have problems, because dogs don’t understand why some places indoors are ok to pee / poop on and others are not.

    Crate training is NOT suitable for all dogs. Dogs who are prone to separation anxiety may be worse off in fact.

    I think your first task is to get your dog to understand that the only acceptable place to go is outdoors. That means take him out often enough that he can pee or poo outdoors and praise him lavishly.

    The next task is to deal with the separation anxiety. It may be that he is peeing and pooing on the carpet because of that more so than problems with potty training. I know it is not PC to advise against crates, but there is a possibility that you are better off without it in this case.

    Good luck!

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