fence in timelapse

ive never seen a fence go up until now. they set the posts in concrete one day while i was at work. 2 days later on one of my days off they came back and had it all finished by 3pm. what you see here is only 37 minutes of footage. my battery died right before they put up the first gate. freeplay music: happy way

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    5 Responses to “fence in timelapse”

    1. joe13707 says:

      @bubbabrand Don’t get me wrong it works by all means. It’s just real sloppy and not done correctly. just look at the way the top of the wire is dressed out to the top rail. it’s even in some places and over it in others. that’s just lazy and not caring for the quality of your work. i’m sorry to hassel you i’m just a real meticulous person.

    2. piledrivability says:

      @joe13707 What a moron. The fence looks great! Some people will criticize thin air. LOL! Sounds like my father-in-law. Every thought he has is super stupid critical. Thanks for the video, bubbabrand.

    3. bubbabrand says:

      @joe13707 could you be more specific? maybe it is just poor film quality. i think the fence looks pretty good. definately better than most around. maybe it also looks bad because the time of year it was done. the ground has grown into it well.

    4. joe13707 says:

      I work for a fence company and if our fences looked like that when we were done we would never get paid. It amazes me that people can get away with putting up garbage like that.

    5. pickupman1995 says:

      zipidy-do-da, lol 😀

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