FBC Summer 2010 Setup for our dog kennel

Here is a video showing off our dog kennel setup for the summer 2010. We are working on a new setup for 2011 which will include a metal building, a/c and heat. Floridabullyconnect.com @Flbullyconnect – twitter Floridabullyconnect – facebook

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5 Responses to “FBC Summer 2010 Setup for our dog kennel”

  1. stkdillenger819 says:

    by the way, im referring to the two chrome kennels on the left..THX

  2. stkdillenger819 says:

    Real nicce setup ya got there! I really admire it well done. Can you tell me where you purchased the kennels from?(website)? Do you keep all dogs on hartguard medication? Is it neccessary for an outdoor kennel.. im looking to starting up a couple of kennels soon..thx a lot.

  3. MrKgavin says:

    nice setup

  4. frezguy says:

    looks clean!

  5. bubbabross86 says:

    looks nice and clean 5 stars!

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