Fastest Dogs At The Dog Park

We take our two Italian Greyhounds to the local dog park often. They are always the fastest dogs at the park. None of the other dogs, reguardless of size, can keep up. The only exception is if there are other Italian Greyhounds. Even then, Amelie is still among the fastest. Vegas is a warm place, but our winters can get a little cold, especially for the thin-coated Italian Greyhound. So, we bought them fleece bodysuits from Hounds in the Hood. The Italian Greyhounds in this video were adopted. We did not buy then from a pet store or a breeder. There is no reason to buy from a breeder or a petstore. We have three pure bred Italian Greyhounds all under the age of one. All were by adoption or from IG rescue.

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25 Responses to “Fastest Dogs At The Dog Park”

  1. tonyhemi426 says:

    Bet they are good and tired when you get home.

  2. cathyk808 says:

    they are beautiful as they run, as if they are about to take off and fly….

  3. bayislove says:

    lol oh okay thats good haha

  4. crjoker says:

    They are pretty well trained. But we only let them run around like that at an inclosed dog park. I would need a motorbike to catch them otherwise.

  5. bayislove says:

    how do you ever call them back to you??

  6. spyron06 says:

    My IG Sirius is built just like your girl Amelie. He’s got that Whippet look to him, and he’s edging up on 16lbs!

    I feel bad for him at the park. Unless another IG his size shows up, he ends up lonely. The other dogs run with him for a bit, then they get tired of not catching him and just ignore him. My other dog is a Chi/IG mix, and he’s fast, but more like a Chihuahua in social situations (ie: he sits between my ankles and gets shy). I’ll be getting another IG next year I think.

  7. AdavenWade says:

    Heyy I live in vegas but I got. Chocolat lab and we go to that dog park. Is it dog fanceriers park?? I know I spelt it wrong.

  8. crjoker says:

    Oh I am sure. I am part of a Las Vegas IG group and my female is one of the fastes IG’s I have seen in Vegas. She’s built like a small Whippet. But the one time she got her ass handed to her was from a retired racer. She taunted him and took off, then looked over her shoulder, arrogantly, only to find that the Greyt was on top over her. She shreiked! It really took her down a few knotches. To technically, this video should be named “Some of the Fasted Dogs…”

  9. WebGuyTV says:

    They’re only fastest because my 3 whippets aren’ there LOL>

  10. Terrell8976 says:

    yourwelcome lol

  11. AOAWHATSUP says:

    hahahahahahahaha that comment made my day

  12. crjoker says:

    That’s a great idea. Remember, the music does most of the work. I could upload a video of one of my dogs sleeping. Booooring! But, if I set that video to a lulabye, suddenly its sweet and adorable. Let the music do all the work.

  13. mollbel says:

    I loved this!! Thanks for posting such a fun and wild video of your crew. My IG videos are total opposite from yours. But you have inspired me to try and get some good dog park video with cool music.

  14. Terrell8976 says:

    oh ok thanks

  15. crjoker says:

    Min Pins are actually a cross between Italian Greyhound and a Dachshund. Your dog could very well be an Italian Greyhound mix. Pet Rescues can not always tell exactly what breeds are in a mix. Take him to a dog park and watch him run. If he is fast, he probably has Italian Greyhound in him.

  16. Terrell8976 says:

    Those Dogs are so fast i’d break a butt cheek trying to run that fast. (And would barely keep up with them.) Because i’m only 13 years old.

  17. Terrell8976 says:

    I got my puppy from the Pet Rescue where i live in Oregon. I adopted him at 8 mounths old and he is now 10 mounths old. He is half Chihuahua/Minature Pinscher. He looks a little big Itallian Greyhound because of his Body shape, long legs and arms. strong chest, little butt. Is that the shape of an Itallian Greyhound?

  18. junco31 says:

    Beautiful…… I have a retired racer, she used to love to run when we first got her off the track. (She is older and lazier now…..) I remember when she would be running in a huge circle in the field, people would be exclaiming in wonderment, and then for the sheer joy of it, she would accelerate. Jaws would then drop. She could seriously take flight. Right now she is doing the “dead cockroach” position on the couch. Thanks for the video. I love to see animals exulting in their abilities

  19. mbofny says:

    Whoa….they are FFFFAAASSSTTT!!!!

  20. bestamerica says:

    i did brought my a R/C car at the dog park,,,
    more fun

  21. outofthebluee says:

    Cheeky dogs, so cute though. I am a proud of a full size Grey, and it’s fun watching him out run other dogs at the park…makes for a great work out for all dogs interested.

  22. batmanzena says:

    they ARE super fast! how do they keep from crashing into the fence?!!

  23. F1TO8 says:

    ur dogs are milking their super fast dogs. nice

  24. careedesq says:

    such lighthearted little super athletes! they’re running circles around everyone else and loving it!

  25. Aqualung8705 says:

    I love how they can change directions on a dime. Turn and burn, baby!

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