exercise in winter?

I have a golden retriever lab mix that is around a year old. He is full of energy and is starting to gain weight since he doesn’t get as much exercise due to the temp. I take him on about a mile walk 3-5 times a week depending on the weather and he runs the fenced in back yard as much as he wants when we are home since we have a dog door. In the summer I took him hiking about 3 miles twice a week and about a mile walk around twice a week and 1/2 to an hour of fetch a night and he was still full of energy. He is getting destructive i now kennel him when I am gone cause he pulled the cushions on my couch off and chewed a hole in the couch and he now tries to climb and dig under our 8 ft fence. In a week he chews his kongs to pieces and his actual bones are half the size they were when i gave him them. I tried but he won’t touch it unless I am standing on it. What can I do to give him another way to get exercise so he isn’t so destructive and stays at a stable weight?

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  1. 8degreestoJen says:

    If you can manage it I would walk him longer and more often. Also cut back on his food a little. He should be on the adult stuff after a year which has much less fat then the puppy stuff.

    If all else fails maybe hire a dog walker or put him in doggie daycare. My lab goes twice a week. It is worth every penny!!

  2. boxersdodrool says:

    Indoor recess! I have 2 female Boxers that have been attending that quite frequently recently. Throw the ball, hide toys, engage him in other ways. The weather will break soon.

  3. wreeve99 says:

    A great way to exercise your dog is to mentally stimulate him. this can tire him out as much as physical excercise. I play hide and seek with mine – make them sit in one room while i hide a favourite toy. they then spend up to 5 minutes searching for it. hide it in harder to find places and this will keep him amused for ages.

  4. Michael E says:

    inclined treadmill

  5. 2Westies says:

    I’m having a hard time too. I have 2 young terriers, there’s snow on the ground, the temp. is 6 degrees with a windchill of -5 degrees, it isn’t safe to be out for walks. My dogs are distance walkers, we walk at least 4 miles every day. I’ve been throwing a squeaky ball up and down the hall for 15 minutes every couple of hours. This too shall pass.

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