enough room for my dogs?

i have 4 inside dogs which stay in my room with me bc my mother doesnt let them run around in the house and i dont think my room is big enough for them and my mom said if i get enough room for them then i have to get rid of some of them which i dont wana do bc i love them all so how can i make more room for them? they cant be together bc they fight so three gotta be in a cage then they take turns bein out the cage i wanted to get them an outside kennel but i think it maybe to cold for them to be out there right now. so can any one help

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8 Responses to “enough room for my dogs?”

  1. ozzy59 says:

    If you give them enough exercise they can all live in a cardboard box and be happy without fighting.
    Get up a little earlier and take them for a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes.Or play ball with them in the yard.Hopefully there’s an open field close-by where you can let them all run off leash early in the morning for 30 minutes or so.
    make sure they’ve all gone potty and they’ll be ready to go back in the room for a well deserved nap.
    As soon as you get home they need to go for another run or play session at least 30 minutes worth and agian before bed.
    You can’t expect that many dogs to stay in a small space without fighting while they are almost bursting with alot of pent up energy.
    Tired dogs sleep.They don’t fight and they don’t tear things up.

  2. melanie o says:

    you can bring them in the outside kennel in th emorning and keep the in the inside cages at night to sleep

    hope this helped
    hope you keep you doggys!!!

  3. ninjaaa! says:

    One room is really small for four dogs. You didn’t say what breeds they are, but I wouldn’t even keep four dogs in an apartment, let alone one room. Is there a reason your mother doesn’t let them out of your room?

    You might also want to consider looking at the reason why they fight. Is it just one dog who is aggressive towards all the others, or are they all aggressive? Are they aggressive over specific things like food, toys or attention?

    I can’t think of any ways to make more room for them unless you actually get construction done and expand the size of your room, or allow them to roam around the house. One room is really too small for four dogs of any breed.

    Agreed, exercise is key. You need to really exhaust their energy so that they are relatively inactive indoors.

  4. tsafemevas says:

    I would keep doing what your doing but make sure you walk each of them every day, and spend alot of time with each of them since they aren’t allowed to run around the house, and in the summer time maybe even spring if its warm enough, get them outside kennels, and maybe take turns bringing one in each night, or two, if they get along. You are probably going to get a lot of people telling you you are a bad owner, keeping them all in one room, but its not your choice, and you are doing the right thing by not leaving them outside in the cold.
    Good luck!

    P.S what kind of dogs are they?

    ADD: do you have a garage? maybe for most of the day you could keep them loose in the garage, except the one that fights, keep that one in your room, that way they wont be allover the house, and they wont be cooped up, and you wont have to get rid of any.

  5. Mae D says:

    u can build or buy a kennel with good insulaltion, and some doggie sweaters, they’ll be fine

  6. als been a dad 3 times says:

    you need to get a life an move out of Mommy’s house, then you can have all the dogs you want or maybe you might find humans more rewarding as companions

  7. Noelle M says:

    Just how cold is it where you are? Many dogs are fine as long as there is shelter available(a dog house protected from wind and rain). If there is snow where you are you may need an insulated dog house or to bring them in a night. Most dogs are pretty hardy, what kind are we talking about?

  8. Gottaloveher says:

    You need to start taking them for long walks so that they will get plenty of exercise. Are they housebroken??? Work on getting the dogs to get along. Male dogs will not attack female dogs. Two female dogs will fight though. Dogs always have a pack leader….most dogs are born to be followers. You are the pack leader so you need to set the rules in a calm, assertive manner….like their mother would have done for them. If these dogs don’t get more exercise they will get stiff and irritable…..that could be why they are fighting. The plan as you have it now is not a good one and outdoors isn’t a good one either. I would let them loose in my room and if they start to fight then throw some water on them and tell them sharply to "stop!". Good luck. P.S. Check out the Dog Whisperer for more info.

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