DS: What are your "cue" words?

What words do you use when you want your dog to perform a specific action?

What do you use when you want your dog to "do it’s business"? — My choice of wording has always been, "Go Potty!"

What do you use when you want your dog to get into his/her crate? — I’ve never had to think about this one. My parents didn’t like "cages." I’ve heard "Kennel up!" and "Go to your bed!" What do you use?

Anything other cue words you use?

LG: Her crate is in my bedroom. However, the "high traffic" or "busy" areas during the day are the kitchen and the living room. Should I move the crate in the living room during the day and to the bedroom at night? Or should I keep the crate in the bedroom and just have a dog bed in the living room for when she wants time to herself?

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    16 Responses to “DS: What are your "cue" words?”

    1. lindsay says:

      I use ‘do your business!’ and my dog no longer sleeps in a crate, he does sleep on his bed and when its that time i tell him to ‘go night night’

    2. Kel says:

      For potty, I just say "let’s go outside". That way they know that they’re going potty. It gets them all ready to go out to do their business. When it’s time to come in, I say "inside" and they all go to the door. As for in the crate, I say "in" and they go in. 🙂

      LG: Whatever makes her comfortable. Some dogs get stressed in high traffic areas.

    3. *julie*-->away<-- says:

      If i’m inside I say "do you want to go outside?!"and they’ll either bark or paw at the door if they want to. One of my dogs has a crate and the other has his bed, but we left his crate since he likes it ALOT and we say "go to your room" for their crates and "go to bed" for their beds
      I think you should leave the crate if there are no problems and your dog seems happy and maybe put a bed in the "high traffic" places

    4. Tasha says:

      He doesn’t have a crate, but when I go to sleep and do not want him to sleep with me (sometimes he sneaks into the bed in the middle of the night though, lol) I just point at the bed and tell him "JR, go to bed" or "Go to your bed" and when he goes I tell him "Good boy, JR!"

      When he’s being barky and loud I tell him "Quiet!" "Shush!" (kind of like hush lol) or "Ay!".

      When we’re going outside I tell him "Lets go!" or "Wanna go outside?!"

      When it’s walk time I tell him "Wanna go for a walk?!"

      And for potty, I just tell him "Go pee".

      For his paw I just say "Give me your paw" or "Paw?".

      And to bark I tell him "Speak!"

    5. Mariah says:

      Sit – Sit
      Lie Down – Down
      Come – C’mere
      Jump – Up
      Roll Over – Over

      There are more but I’m drawing a blank LOL

      Tiger is outside a lot so he goes potty whenever he needs to (I do not leave him outdoors all day, he does come inside when he wants to. He prefers to be outdoors most of the time).

      & I don’t have a crate for him.

    6. Erica - So many bunny huggers, so little time! says:

      When I want them to perform a specific action, I’ll use the word that best fits that action. For example, if I want them to sit, I say "sit"; if I want them to lay down, I use "lay"; if they jump up on me or another guest, or if I want them off the couch, chair, etc… I use "down"; I generally keep my key words to no more then two words. It’s easier on me, and I think it’s easier for the dog.

      As for going to the restroom, I just use "potty", and they both go to the door, sit and wait (although Diva’s better at the sitting and waiting then Gibbs, who’s still learning, lol).

      When it’s time for their crate, I use the "bed". Both of them are still catching onto this one, lol.

      Other key words I use are "come on" when it’s time to go back into the house; "leave it" which is a basic command I use when someone comes to my house (if the dogs bark, etc… for more then a couple seconds, I give the "leave it" command), when my kids are eating (don’t have to use it much on this one as the dogs are generally put away when we have food out since they’re both still puppies -Diva’s the oldest at 9 months so she has a bit more freedom while we’re eating- and are still learning manners when the humans are eating). I’m pretty sure there’s other cue words I use, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now, lol.

      LG: I would leave the crate in one room that’s not very high traffic. This way, should she get over whelmed with the activity, want some down time for herself, etc… she has access to that with her crate being in a quieter room. Having a dog bed in the living room isn’t such a bad idea either.

    7. Koter Boters misses Rufus! says:

      it depends on the action:
      If Dakota wants food or drink she has her bowl in her mouth an all i do is tell her to show me. She will either go in the kitchen or to the food container.
      Duke will just open the lock on the food container with his nose.

      sit or down i use my finger or I say sit or down.
      for the crate I just say UP Dakota will go but Duke we have to bribe into the crate.
      Potty cue word is just lets go potty.

      I also use off,leave it, and Out. The out I use when they are in the kitchen and don’t need to be.

      LG: I would put a dog bed in the living room and 1 in the bedroom.
      add: i forgot some
      go get mom-they go get my mom and wait for her to come- they both do this now. at first it was just Dakota.
      They also know wait,sit.
      Dakota knows shake, and high five and kisses and speak. I taught her those.

    8. Z says:

      Get busy. My dog is super fast at getting busy – I am so fortunate. I don’t have a yard, so she’s leashed. She’s done inside of a minute.
      Go kennel
      Get in your spot
      Get in you bed
      come sit stay down
      heel for left
      side for right
      leave it
      bang and sleepy (just tricks)
      And my favorite- Put your toys away

      LG: I’d say do whatever she needs. If she needs crating, try two crates, or one crate and a tie down at her bed. I like to keep dogs in the room with me (says more about me than the dog, doesn’t it!).

    9. Aphrodite ☼Dobe uses a PRONG says:

      Trying to remember them all…

      "Pee" – bathroom break.
      "Go to bed" – go in the crate.
      "Heel" – when I want him beside me and walking.
      "Speak" – bark.
      "Go See" – when I want him to go check the front door on ‘alert’.

      Then there’s the standard – sit, down, stay, etc.

    10. Amanda says:

      Go pee is "go potty"

      Go poop is "go more" —> yes he poops on command! lol its very useful when i need him to go before we go on a walk, that way i dont have to bring a bag and carry it with me the whole time.

      Crate is "crate". His crate is never shut, when im gone i tell him to go to his crate or stay in my room and he does so. I dont like the idea of him being stuck in a crate or room if something where to happen like a fire or tornado (i live in iowa so that could happen- about 2 years ago we had one take out part of the town only 10 minutes away)

      We also have a rug in the dinning room that he will go and lay on when i say "mat". So he doesnt beg for food.

      sit, lay, stay, speak, spin, spin other way, weave, back up, cry (whines) beg, bow is all the same (sit= sit).

      He also know hand signals for each as well. A thumbs up =beg, a palm facing down in a down movement =lay, pointing to the ground in front of me =bow…ect

      He know "go get a drink" –> we have a big field behind the house that i play frisbee with him in and when he starts panting i tell him to "go get a drink" he will run to the back yard and get a drink from our pond and then come back. This way I dont have to go all the way back with him… lol

      He knows "inside", "outside". "upstairs", "downstairs".

      I can be in the living room downstairs and tell him to "go get" things like his frisbee from upstairs by saying "Niko, upstairs, go get your frisbee/rope/ball" ect

      "check it out" he will run to the front door and look out the door, he usually will bark as well since he is suposed to bark if someone knocks. silly boy.

      He knows "leave it". I am in the middle of training him to "take it, but dont eat it" He will take the treat in his mouth but not eat it untill i say "ok". I just started this 2 days ago and he is doing great, but something thinks i dont want him to take it at all, he is getting "take" mixed with "leave". But he is getting it. 🙂

      I dont have to use one word commands with him but can say things like "Niko how bout you sit" or "Niko can you speak" or "Niko i think you should lay down". Makes them really focus on you when you talk to them.

      He is SOO smart and easy to train! Aussies are great dogs.

    11. Paige says:

      When it’s time for Ella to go potty I ask her "Do you want to go OUTSIDE?" and she knows what that means, once she’s there I tell her to "go potty OUTSIDE" and she does.
      She doesn’t have a crate, but she is very good about getting in her dog bed when I say "Get in your bed" and point to it.
      We trained her with a water bottle to stop yapping, and now all I have to do is say "water bottle" and she straightens up and calms down.
      Whatever "cue" words you use be consistent.
      I think it might be good for you to have an extra dog bed in the living room, you might be surprised how much she can be trusted outside of crate.

    12. Kate says:

      gimme good sit
      lay down
      go potty outside
      too far!!!
      come to your special place (by the couch, between my man and me)
      go to binky (his blanket)
      quiet dog
      go to bed with kate (he sleeps in my room)
      no watching (or i just clear my throat, for watching while we eat)

    13. ČĤĨĞĨŔĹ *The Nose, Knows* says:

      I use a range of words..the obvious such as SIT, STAY, COME, DOWN, GO, BED,-which means go lie down, etc. I also use a few hand signals which my dogs recognize all to well…. My dogs also know what "watchem" means…it’s cute because as soon as I say those words their eyes are glued on my husband..lol. "Squirrel" is another one…I think that is self-explanatory.

      I also use "Go potty"

      I open the crates & say "Bedtime"!

      Yes there are a lot more words I use…but not going to list every single one…just the basic & ones I use most often.

      Keep the crate where ever it works best for the dog & you. Yes you can provide a dog bed out of the way of course for during the day in the living room or kitchen. I have 4 dogs & their crates stay in the same area, but all throughout the house I have placed beds for them to lie down in. They usually all 4 will pile into one…LOL

    14. Voelven says:

      My dog is bilingual. All the standard commands are in Danish, in case we want to compete in obedience trials one day and live in Denmark – the rest is a mix of Danish and English.

      My dog doesn’t have a crate, but we use "on the blanket" for her to go in her dog bed or on her blanket. For doing her business it’s "go pee" or "go poop".

      As mentioned, I don’t use crates, but I would think that as long as you don’t have any problems with her using a dog bed in the living room, then I would leave the crate in your bedroom and have a bed in the living room, that way you don’t have to move the crate around all the time.

    15. Rikkion's Bunni says:

      To make my dogs go to their beds,I say "go to bed".

      They’re outside dogs,so I don’t need to tell them when they can and can’t go potty.

    16. Sheri says:

      My cue words

      Go Out or Go Potty
      Place — Go to a spot any spot and lay down .. they will not move until I tell them they are released
      Leave it
      Put toys — they put their toys away in their basket
      Stand — for show stance
      Gait — show gait movement
      Nails — they wait their turn for their nail trimming
      Time for bed ladies–My pups sleep in crates..adults sleep where they want, usually in my room with the pups

      Those are off the top of my head, still working on my first cup of caffeine LOL

      I also use hand signals for each of the commands, all of which need not have a verbal command. they understand either way what I am asking.

      LG: I keep the puppy crates in my bedroom but I have beds for each in the living room although they are allowed on the furniture and prefer to stretch out on the couches. If you prefer not to have your dog on the furniture or do not want to continuously move the crate from room to room I would suggest having bedding in the high traffic area where she can lay down when she wants to or simply leave the door open to her crate, after all it is suppose to be a safe place for her to go when she wants to get away and not just for sleeping at night. When my pups were small I would have a crate in each room to make them feel they had a safe haven when they needed it.

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