dog with seperation anxiety?

okay so my new foster has sep. anxiety.
if anyone walks out side ( even when I am sitting right next to her) she paces and whins and runs from the front door to the back door, she has even tried clawing her way through the blinds. When we are not home and at night she stays kenneled. At first she whins and barks but after about 10 minutes she is fine. Her potential adopter will not be home during the day, and wants to let her roam the house. (after hearing this we will probably deny his application and tell him we dont think she’s good for him and we will continue to find the right dog for him)
anyhow, I was just wondering if anyone knew an effective way to break her of this habit.
I just dont think it’s healthy.

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5 Responses to “dog with seperation anxiety?”

  1. Leigh says:

    how about re-homing to someone who has a dog already? or someone who is not gone all the time? You didn’t mention what type of dog it was. That would affect my answer as well. Different breeds require different tactics

  2. nursebubbles says:

    1st off don’t deny this adopter the chance at giving her a good home.
    I am a single woman, i work shift work and full time hours, I just recently adopted a 3 yo dachshund who had been fostered.
    they didn’t tell me the full extent of my dog’s anxiety.
    I love the little guy his been with me 3 and a bit weeks and has really settled in. but still thinks his my shadow. he is locked inside of a night and cries for the first 10mins then goes to sleep (i don’t let him in my room) i can’t even stand on the other side of the gate without him crying. but he’s getting there, he is adapting to my routine (not that i have one) and he is in a good home and very spoiled and loved.

    2nd there in a product on the market called rescue remedy that is very good for dogs and people with anxiety issues

    3rd try rubbing lavender oil or lavender straight onto the dog as it has a calming effect

    4th wash the dog’s blanket, bedding etc in lavender

    5th be the boss – lay down the rules and be the authority, (don’t be afraid to "smack" not hurt but be in charge and let her know this behavior is un acceptable)
    all the best

  3. liljonblaze69 says:

    Spend more time with her she has way to much energy, get the dog outside and play with her take her for a long walk make her tired, A good dog is a sleeping dog, Ive owned about a hand full of dogs and and on my 6th puppy as of right now shes a 6 month old black lab talk about energy and getting in to stuff, and I’m telling you the best way to break a dog is just to keep them active and doing something if there playing with you they arnt being bad some where else, just take the time that is need to own a dog and keep her active and well feed. Let potential owneres know this as well and give the guy the option of a create and explain to him is the easiest way to give the dog there own personal space with out them destroying yours, I was just reading the advise on the answer above mine and I let my pup’s watch TV when I’m gone to it helps the calm down after I leave the room…lol…

  4. KKingS says:

    Time is your best friend in this situation. My older dog (who was forfeited to the pound 5 times by the same owner) had a pretty bad case of speration anxiety…no wonder why.

    He just needed a lot of time. It took almost a year, but I think he’s pretty much got it under control. He’s realizing that no matter how long I’m gone, I’m *always* coming back. It also helps if the dog is comfortable and given ways to stay busy while you are gone…toys, TV, etc.

    Good luck finding a good home!

  5. JR says:

    Why can’t the new adopter crate her as you do?

    I would give the adopter the option she may not be that way in her own home.

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