Dog Training – Using sidewalks to teach your dog. This is a sidewalk drill that I use in some of my initial training to teach my Labrador Retrievers to run straight. This video also shows the dogs ability to move away from us from a remote position. This drill can be used in the beginning phases of teaching a dog for a hunt test, field trial, or even if you want to teach a dog to run straight over jumps, you can put a jump in the middle. Obviously, this will not substitute for various terrain that a hunting dog would see, but rather a beginning drill of teaching concepts. This particular dog has already had training in understanding basic safety of staying on the sidewalk, and this helps in his learning experience. Since most of us spend a lot of time with our Labrador Retrievers in every day environments such as taking them for walks or runs, this gives us another environmental area that we can practice in.

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    4 Responses to “Dog Training – Using sidewalks to teach your dog.”

    1. faating07 says:

      maybe some one can help me i havd my puppy for 14 weeks and i can get ger to walk outside why?

    2. keynesac says:


    3. FabFisherwoman says:

      Good Job!

    4. ylowringeyes says:

      Very nice training, Great video. Because with all this can help other dogs that people have problems with their dogs with bad behaviors and temperments. I really like this video. Keep it up

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