Dog Training & Care : Leash Training for Puppies

When leash-training puppies, it’s important to give the puppy an indication of which direction they should go and to reward the puppy for following orders. Find out what to do when a puppy starts lagging behind withhelp from a certified dog trainer in this free video on dog training. Expert: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg Contact: Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a certified professional dog trainer in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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14 Responses to “Dog Training & Care : Leash Training for Puppies”

  1. CritterGettirs says:

    My puppy wants to eat the leash and roll around. He is an English Shepherd.

  2. ashley0301 says:

    my dog doesnt do that he yelps and acts like it hurts him

  3. cobrasvt96 says:

    Out of all the videos I’ve watched I like this guy the best… very wholesome and nice to listen to 🙂 not to mention very good training lessons!

  4. teachingpuppies says:

    Positive reinforcement all the way!

  5. picatsoforfma says:


    You do phase out the treats and replace them with a positive “good boy” and a pet on the head.

  6. picatsoforfma says:

    I’m house breaking my puppy and want to have his leash tied to my belt so I can look for sniffing and circling.

  7. KDidesxo says:

    You don’t toss a dog a treat every time he does good, just like you don’t give an allowance to a child just because he does the right thing – eventually they expect it and rebel otherwise. He uses positive reinforcement with love.

  8. ZeeVee16 says:

    Very informative! Thanks.
    Your husky is very beautiful, BTW. =]

  9. MillieTiasMummy says:

    Hey my puppy (rottie) refuses to move he just pulls and jumps around yelping and theres nothing wrong. any help?

  10. TheBatman317 says:

    Good Video.

  11. Chocokriz says:

    yeah but you need to teach a dog to not always rely on the treat.

  12. WHITENUT45 says:

    cesar is good but he uses to much negative corrections though. like he doesnt use treats as a reward. dogs learn really fast if u have a treat for em.

  13. twilightfanatic878 says:

    How do u know all this stuff if u do watch the dog whisper isn’t he so awesome and if u watch him Cesar can train any kind of dog a dog that is afraid of the new floor that u just put in and it won’t come in ur house and he can even train AGGRESSIVE dogs that do not like people or other dogs and so he takes them to his training section and starts the training the next day in the morining when he takes the dogs for a walk by rolling with them on his skates

  14. semsemx69 says:

    Nice video keep on ,,,

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