dog seeks revenge against me?

This mite sound completely crazy but it is not made up at all. My dog gets mad at me and will do things to get revenge. For example, i usually take him outside with me when i smoke a cigarette. This one time i was on the phone while going outside so i left him inside because i didn’t want to be side tracked and him running off and getting lost. He knows when i grab a cigarette that he is going outside and runs to the door. So i don’t let him out with me and when i come back inside, he had jumped up to the table and took my pack of cigarettes and chewed them all up on the floor. Another example, If i yell at him and tell him no, he gets sad and goes into his kennel and after i feel bad and call him back out he is all happy but he will either urinate or take a dump somewhere in the house and he IS HOUSE trained.. he just does this when i’m mad at him. Do you think it’s possible he just seeks revenge. Serious question, serious answers.
he is a year and a few months old

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11 Responses to “dog seeks revenge against me?”

  1. WE2R1 says:

    he is seeking revenge. seriously. you’re lucky its somewhere in your house and him not going on your bed or on your clothes. my dog. queen of doing it. yell at her…she goes in her kennel and puts her ears down. tell her to come here. nope. she wants me to come get her.

    congratulations dear. we have made some spoiled dogs.

  2. Kaper says:

    Aduial beat me to it.

    Google the word anthropomorphic.

    Revenge is a human concept. Your dog is not seeking revenge.

    Dogs chew when they are stressed. Your cigarette pack has your scent all over it. My lab would chew anything with my scent on it when he was suffering separation anxiety.

    A great book to read to help you understand these behaviors is The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell.

    Revenge would mean the dog could not only be mad at you but anticipate your reaction to certain behaviors they may do. They simply do not have that reasoning level.

  3. daa says:

    No, it’s not revenge, and your dog isn’t ‘mad’ at you. Dogs chew things, and urinate or poop when they are anxious or stressed. Quit yelling at your dog. Train him instead (no, sorry, yelling is not training). Exercise him more. Don’t leave him alone inside if you’re going outside – either leash him and take him with you or put him in his kennel. Don’t leave cigarettes lying around where he can get to them.

  4. Aduial says:

    Here’s your serious answer. Quit imprinting human emotions on your dog. It’s a dog, not a person. Dogs do not have complex emotions like revenge. Do some research into the psychology of dogs and then work on training and obedience.

  5. Ruby 64 says:

    you dont give his age- puppies will be puppies… teach him to sit and wait or put him in his crate b4 u go out. As soon as u take him out of his crate u have 2 take him out- it is the same as when u first get up in the morning… u have 2 pee right???

  6. Moka San says:

    i agree with julie and i think it goes potty around the house because if you feel bad afterwards,it thinks it can do just about anything it wants.

  7. milaroo says:

    Revenge might be a little strong. I know it may sound unrelated but does your dog get enough exercise? My dogs only seem to act up like that when I don’t have the time to take them on a walk. And we usually do a long walk every night. Just a thought. Hope you guys get it worked out. 🙂

  8. Xander says:

    I’m sure he is seeking revenge. You need to teach him who’s the boss. You might have to get a little inhumane, but sounds like he’s the one training you and thats no good.

  9. Eeyore says:

    He knows what he did and he doesen’t like it so he gets mad and doesen’t listen to anything you say or do because he thinks he can get away with it.

  10. Julie says:

    I don’t necessarily think its revenge, just a reaction of being left behind when he is usually allowed to go with you. Yelling at a dog is not a good thing, will not help in training.

    When correction a dog, I suggest you get his attention, look him straight in the eye and say NO, but please do not yell as a method of correcting him.

  11. ackwyork says:

    My dog does similar things. When we go away for a trip, he will not come near me when we come back, although he stares at me constantly. Recently, he pooped in the house because he didn’t get to go with us when we left. I understand what you mean. I don’t think it is revenge necessarily, just trying to exert their authority over us.

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