Dog runs off and doesn’t come back?

I live in a huge apt complex, and sometimes when I open the door to come inside or go out my dog darts out and takes off running. I try to act like I am playing with him but every time I get near him he runs further. We are close to a main road and he runs right in front of cars! Luckily, he hasn’t been hit yet…Usually I have to chase him for an hour or two and then I can eventually catch him. I have tried everything I can think of! Does anybody have any ideas?

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    14 Responses to “Dog runs off and doesn’t come back?”

    1. kilikinaheather says:

      I have trained my dogs with a certain whistle. We practice in the backyard. I whistle, they come, they get treats. It’s great!

    2. Carrie F says:

      well before i trained my dog to come to a whistle he would run off and then if i walked away he would realise shes going without me i better catch up with her try training it come

    3. Debbie V says:

      You need some dog obedience training. Pets Mart has a good program. You need to know that your dog will SIT and STAY. Then you can exercise him the way you want to.

      The dog needs more exercise, sounds to me. He’s just dying to get out of the house and run.

      TX Mom

    4. trapt_is_awesome06 says:

      Simple….when you’re inside going out, either shut the dog in another room so he can’t get out. When you’re outside, going in….don’t just swing the door open. Open it just enough so that if the dog is right at the door, you can grab his collar before he darts out.

    5. Louise P says:

      my dog used to do this when she was younger we live opposite a main road too as she as got older she seems to have calmed down and now she comes back when called

    6. ♫ Basset Baby♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ says:

      yes, i have an idea.
      how about fulfilling ur dogs needs? that way he will not have such strong desire to run off.dont know what breed of dog u have,but its probably some hyper breed with extra energy. find a way to drain that energy by walking, long walks i mean, and treadmill maybe.
      if ur dog is a working breed or breed that has something inbreeded in his genes like hunting dogs, like, huskys pr that kind u will just have to let them do what they are bred for.
      i have a basset and withaut her daily sniff sessions, she would go crazy.

    7. Mikey says:

      Chasing him make it look like a game of tag to him so of course he wont come to you.
      You have to appear as a " bigger better deal" to him.
      Why would I come to you when I got all this stuff to see and experience.
      I got my Doberman to come by obtaining eye contact and then running AWAY from him. He thought he was "it" and he needed to run me down to tag me.

    8. Starlight says:

      Be more vigilante to keep him from running. Get him into a dog school to teach him to came when he is called. Treating it like a game is the worst thing you can do.

    9. FF's *New* Sponsor dog! says:

      You need to teach him the command stay.

      Also, if your dog ever gets loose, NEVER CHASE! They think it is a game and will keep running. You need to squat down, and call his name. If he is trained properly, he will come.

    10. leinad40 says:

      Treats and food. Whenever I chase after dogs at work I use treats and a slip-over-the-head leash. The dog will come to me and I slip the leash over his/her head. It works every time.

    11. Azawakh and Sloughis Rule says:

      It could be a breed thing, some breeds just don’t come back.

      If you make a loud noise that gets your dogs attention then you can either
      1) run the other direction. This works mainly with sighthounds, they think you’ve seen something interesting and want to chase it with you. OR
      2) Fall to the ground. The dog will be interested to see what you’re doing, they’ll come over to see you and then you grab them.

    12. Yeah! says:

      Put up a baby gate near the front door or lock him in the kitchen.

    13. Bozema says:

      Snap on the leash and make him sit before the door gets opened. Keep the leash next to the door for this purpose.

    14. aa8qn says:

      The one thing you can never do properly is to correct or punish you dog for running away. The dog can only think he is being corrected for the last thing he did, which was (eventually) returning to you. Never call you dog to reprimand him!

      Now, to your point. Practice your recall. Have food or a toy, whatever really turns on your dog. Start in the house. Put the dog of a long leash. Call him when he is sort of looking at you. Guide him with the leash if you have to (don’t jerk like a correction). When he gets to you, then REWARD! GOOD DOG! Do this a lot! Always end on a good note with success.

      Graduate into the back yard. Do the same thing, Be sure the dog is on a long line. A ling line, like 15 feet long, is a good investment. The goal is that he has to know that when you say "Here, Spot", he must come to you, and what’ more, this is a GOOD THING!.

      Slowly, very slowly, graduate up to minor distractions-someone walking around the yard, another toy he has to ignore, maybe another neutral dog (not mean nor friendly, that is). Then go out to a park to increase the distraction level (people park, not dog park). The dog is ALWAYS on leash until his recall is 100% under all distraction. I realize some dogs never attain this level.

      Good luck. And be sure to keep it fun for both you and your dog.

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