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Heavy Duty Dog Runs / Enclosures available in whatever size you require * The dog runs we stock are 100% galvanised after manufacture thus no mantainance worries. * These are solid weld mesh panels that are bolted together, ensuring a solid, strong and safe dog run enclosure. * Safe dog proof latch on the gate (can be locked) * The weld mesh is 4mm which is drilled in to the frame and welded. * Dog runs available in whatever size you want.. * If you wish to extend your dog run, extra panels or gate panels can be purchased from us at any time. * Dog enclosure size on the display is (10ft wide x 10ft long x 6ft high) * Gate Panels or Single Panels can be bought separately. * Dog Kennels Collapsible cages & all accessories in stock.. * If you need advise on dog enclosure sizes for your particular dog we will be glad to help just contact us. Contact anytime / Open 7 days by appointment Siobhan : 086 3697828 anytime !! NO TEXTS.. Read more on

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