Dog runs away everytime I pet her?

My dog used to be crazy about me petting her, she would follow me all around the house and when I pet her, sprawl her body onto the ground and lay with her legs up as she enjoyed the pet-fest.

About 2 months ago I started bringing my gf home. My dog begs for me to pet her,10 seconds later she runs away, grabs the same stuffed animal and sits there with it in her mouth looking at me.

Do you think she is doing this to make me jealous because I haven’t been giving her the same attention?

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    8 Responses to “Dog runs away everytime I pet her?”

    1. ^ Jenna ^ says:

      Dogs aren’t humans and won’t punish you like that for not giving her attention.

      Usually if they feel threatened by another person or animal taking the attention away from them they will try and get rid of the other person by displaying dominant behaviors, it doesn’t sound as if she is doing that.

      She is just looking for you to play with her and getting excited.
      Try playing with her when she does it to see if she lets you pet her then without running away (although this will teach her that this method works and she will continue to do this, which isn’t a problem if you don’t mind following through).

      It can be many reasons why a dog doesn’t want to be pet, my dog went through a few days he didn’t want me to touch him, i found out after taking him to the vet he had an ear infection.

    2. KellyO says:

      You didn’t mention how old your dog was when she allowed you to pet her and how old she is now. As dogs get older and more independent, they prefer other types of playing. Looks like she wants to play more than she wants to be petted. Be sure that you are not neglecting her in your interest of your new girlfriend.

      One other thing – it sounds like your dog is making all the decisions on what she wants you to do. As the pack leader, you get to decide when it’s time to be petted and when it’s time to play. Don’t let your dog make these decisions. Do pet and play with her as much as possible. But you should always initiate these session and you should always decide when play/petting time is over.

    3. sam says:

      A lot of times dogs do have jealousy issues with new people. You need to have your girlfriend bond with the dog. Try having your girlfriend give the dog treats directly upon coming in the house and periodically throughout the time she is there and praising the dog for coming close.

      This will make the dog bond with your girlfriend more and equate her as one of her owners.

    4. Steve says:

      She’s trying to play

    5. Amanda says:

      she probablly wants to play.

    6. alexis88883 says:

      It sounds like she is running to get you to play with her.

    7. Trust and Believe says:

      Is the dog smarter than you? It must be for your theory to hold water…

    8. Jessie says:

      It sounds as though she is simply excited that you and your GF are both there together with her. She runs off to get a toy so that you will play with her. The other reason she is getting a toy is that dogs like to use their mouths when they get excited. Your dog is well-trained and knows that she shouldn’t use her mouth on you, so she goes and gets a toy she’s allowed to chew.

      In short, there’s no problem here. 😉

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