dog ripped the pad on his food, what do I do?

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    5 Responses to “dog ripped the pad on his food, what do I do?”

    1. ♥Pitbull lover♥ says:

      Take him to the vet, if its left like that it could get all infected.

    2. mojos1966 says:

      Awww… the poor baby.. 🙁
      It’s very painful, but it will heal rather quickly…Just keep it clean so it doesn’t get infected and it will heal up pretty nicley withing 3-4 days.. 🙂

    3. Funky Monkey says:

      call vet asap, ask them what to do

    4. cherri-tree-23 says:

      go to the vet, or call them. it could get infected.

      good luck 😉

      in the mean time, clean the wound with a damp cloth, and keep an eye on it.

    5. Counting down til October 7th! says:

      keeping it clean is really the most you can do without a vet…and if it shows any signs of infection, vet assistance is needed FAST.

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