Dog poops and pees around pad?

My family just got our first puppy yesterday and I noticed something odd while trying to train him with a training pad. The first thing is his water bowl is right next to his pad and he always pees AFTER he takes a drink from his water bowl. Also, he seems to pee and poop on the pad a lot of the time but sometimes he poops and pees right next to the pad. Sometimes the poop is halfway on the floor and halfway on the pad. Is this just a coincidence or is he trying to poop on the pad but misses?

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10 Responses to “Dog poops and pees around pad?”

  1. Jaylynn Taylor says:

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  2. Jasmyn Jones says:

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  3. Karen says:

    first of all thats pretty funny but dont worry much about it if you just got the puppy try this : first of all dont put the pad right next to the water bowl it will get uncomfotable after awhile because dogs have a keen sence of smell so he will want to pee near the bowl and that will get messy.then grab a pad for the puppy and rub it on him after that put hhim on the pad a couple times for him to know where he is expected to do his buisness if he doesent listen just bring him back to the pad and he will get comfortable then naturally he will smell the pad and thats will hell keep going

    *hope this helps

  4. @ddi3 says:

    Dogs are very smart even as puppies so it’s not a coincidence. He knows where his pad is and he’s trying his best to pee and poop on it 😀 My dogs do the same thing though. Try buying little fences to put around his pad, that way he can’t wander away from the pad while making his poo poo circles haha. I bought little 1 foot tall bookcase assemble yourself metal wire type things, i hope thats a good description to put a picture in your brain. Anyway, they have small square connecting pieces that you can use to form a small enclosure (around the three or four sides but not on top or under) around their pad that helps them to stay on their pad. But it’s not odd at all. Your pup is really smart and as long as he’s trying, it’s worth praise 🙂 and training your dog to use pee pee pads isn’t wrong at all. If you have a small breed, you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt, lost or picked up by a hawk while outside, and if you have a large breed, it’s good for them to know where to go when you perhaps don’t notice them wanting outside, or when your away from home they at least know to use that pad than just going anywhere on your floor.

  5. I love mutts but Hate BYBs! says:

    You are doing is, wrong, stop train him to use training pads! they actually teachs puppies to do bathroom INDOOR, what wrong with training him do it on leads OUTDOOR instead? puppies who are pad trained is often have accidents on any rugs by thinking its pad its ok to pee on indoor, training pad are rubbish and waste of money

  6. Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS says:

    You are discovering that those pads are useless, expensive and messy. They only promote peeing and pooping in the house.The dog can’t always aim right so you will always have pee and poop everywhere. Throw them away and go for the big dog pad in the back yard

    As far as the peeing after the dog drinks, why is that strange? What goes in must come out and with puppies it comes out pretty fast after it goes in.

  7. Bonnie L says:

    It’s beyond me, why someone would teach their pup that it’s okay to use the house as a toilet, by using those disgusting/unsanitary pads. Your puppy needs to learn to go OUTSIDE. A dog doesn’t know the difference between those horrible pads and your floor/carpet. Those pads are also just more waste and are helping to fill up our landfills.

  8. SamdyAG77 says:

    I had the same question about my puppy about two, three weeks ago! Answers were that training pads are not good because they teach the dog to poop inside the house. So if you want to potty train her, use a crate when you can’t supervise then let her potty outside every hour. My puppy used to miss the pee pad too but now we are training her to pee and poo outside. 😀

  9. ? says:

    He just might be missing lol, train him to stand completely on the pad or to get a bigger one.And when you say he pees after taking a drink from the waterbowl, i dont see anything wrong with it. my dog will take a drink from the waterbowl and go outside and pee. So i dont think theres anything wrong there. hope this helps 😉

  10. walking lady says:

    You’re training your puppy to use your house as his toilet. To a dog, one place in the house is as good as another.

    Throw out the pads and housetrain your puppy the old fashioned way – the way that works. Keep him in the room with you so you can watch him – and crate when you can’t – then take him out often. Take him out after a nap, after a big drink, after hard playing, if he hasn’t been out for a while. You go out with him, tell him "go pee", and give him a ton of praise the split second he does.

    The object is to not give him the chance to make a mistake and train him to go outside. Remember, young puppies have no bladder control – you need to be the vigilant one and that includes setting your alarm clock to take him out every 2 – 3 hours during the night (depending on his age and breed).

    When he has an accident, calmly clean it up – using an enzyme cleaner so he can’t smell it.

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