Dog owners who travel or use kennels or sitters…?

I’m designing what I call a "dog resort". I want it to be like where my clients would like to stay. When you think of a dog resort what are some things you would expect to be there. And if you have any ideas please share. The interior will be minimalist, tile floors and warm lighting. Also will have a fenced in outside play area. I want to do some dog friendly landscaping out there… ideas on that as well? Also still trying to think up a name for the place. I will be taking in small dogs only to start with. Thanks!

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    4 Responses to “Dog owners who travel or use kennels or sitters…?”

    1. alambre_ibizan_hounds says:

      Junipers and trees are really the most dog friendly where landscaping is concerned… Perhaps have some logs for jumping over… a pond with a pretty waterfall they can play in….
      Canine Country Club
      Bed & Biscuit

    2. Stina says:

      This is a great idea!

      Make sure the rooms are comfortable, the area is "dog-friendly" and the place is very low-stress. You need to be sure that the dogs in separate rooms cannot hear each other barking (or can only hear each other an a minimal level).

      I also like the idea someone above me said about having a swimming pool.

      Some playground equipment wouldn’t be a bad idea. A few tunnels in the backyard, and perhaps some agility equipment.

      Also: Make sure you don’t have any ground that is completely covered in rocks. Most dogs do not like walking on rocks, no matter how decorative, and some may even try to eat the rocks.

    3. chilliwhilli1989 says:

      A pool dogs like to swim!

    4. KatScratch says:

      AFFORDABLE! Your income will be much higher in the end if you can cater to people that dont have a bunch of money to blow. Its really hard for us to find a decent, trusting place to place our dogs when we’re out of town. Maybe…for the dog beds, you can go to a high school woodshop teacher. Ask him if his students will build dog houses of you paid for the cost of wood. (my father in law used to be my woodshop teacher… we used to do things like that all the time) it would save you a lot of money =)

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