Dog fell, hit head, a little disoriented, I called vet, I am trying not to freak out!?

I was holding my dog, trying to get into his treat bag so we could play before bed time, he started squirming and fell out of my arm. I’m really tall so he fell a long way, he immediately got up and ran to his kennel. When I ran after him to check on him he was really disoriented and shaking. The shaking is understandable as I’m sure he was terrified by what had happened but it seemed like he couldn’t use his front legs. I scooped him up to calm him and check to see if his legs were broken. Fortunately his muscles were just really tight after a minute of massaging his legs he loosened up and I could bend his legs as usual. I held him and talked to him until he stopped shaking. He laid in my lap for a while then jumped down and begin to play as usual and seems to have returned to his normal happy self.

I called the vet and was told to watch him for 2 hours to see if the disorientation comes back, if he vomits, and to not let him go to sleep. Has anyone else had to watch their dog after a fall? Is there anything else I should watch for?
You didn’t answer my question earlier as I my dog fell just after nine and I just asked the question! Really if you are going to be sarcastic why even bother to respond. And if you had read my question you would have noticed that I called the vet. Seriously why did you even bother to respond, just to add sheer frustration to my borderline frantic state.

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    5 Responses to “Dog fell, hit head, a little disoriented, I called vet, I am trying not to freak out!?”

    1. Poodles NOT Doodles! says:

      It sounds like they just want you to make sure he didn’t get a concussion. Just follow your vets advice and keep an eye on him! He should be fine!

    2. dhmcconniel says:

      Hit the Net and read up on Concussion.

      It’s possible that the dog will vomit a little blood as well. Don’t get too freaked out if you see it.

      Even though the dog wants to play, don’t participate.
      Take away anything that requires him to bite hard on.

      You’re already doing the right things.
      Just baby him for a day.
      He has at least a slight bruise on his brain.
      Just take it easy.
      Just like a human

    3. Sabina says:

      just be cautious. watch him REALLY carefully. i cant do much to help,,,but i hate seeing animals hurt

    4. SaRaH says:

      Like I said before, go to the vet. He needs a vet.
      I know its late now..maybe there is an animal hospital near u

    5. Snake Lady says:

      Your dog rang his own bell, the vet already told you the best things to do. Also watch his eyes. Make sure the pupils are even/same. And watch for rapid eye movement side to side. I’ve seen some serious head injuries from dogs getting hit by cars, dropped, falling off of stuff, running into things…. I would bet dollars to dimes your kid is fine – Just remember: Pup probably has a killer headache and may have a knot on his head… Be gentle or avoid pettig where he hit for a while – I doubt you’d want to get poked on a bruise too.

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