Dog Crate Training

Dog crate training is easy when you know how. A lot of dog owners wonder how long crate training takes – this video will show you. If you having a hard time crate training your dogget the free report: “7 Biggest Housetraining Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.” Discover proven housebreaking method to help you, stop getting frustrated and learn how today, go to:

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    3 Responses to “Dog Crate Training”

    1. mayakanthineela says:

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    2. ScaperSteph says:

      We didn’t crate train our 1 year old chihuahua. I’m a stay at home mom, though, and home most of the day. It’s kind of funny. She never had an accident when we’d leave her alone with the cats for a few hours. It would when someone was home. It probably took a little longer to train her, but, now she’ll walk right up to me and tell me by whining if she needs to go. We tried to crate her, but, she HATED it. lol She won’t even go near a pet carrier.

    3. whirefox says:

      Mine is almost 6 and he adores his crate, to him it’s his safe haven, in the evening he just frumbles with the door and looks at me, like: open that up, I want to sleep,lol.
      some think of a crate or bench as a prison but to the dog it’s his safe haven !!

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