Dog chewed up pads and passed them, throwing up bile now..?

My 4 year old chihuahua got into a packet of feminine pads three days ago and he passed them yesterday, not like entire pads but a few bits and pieces. I can’t believe I left them in a reachable place, Im so worried and mad at myself. I thought that he was fine and I know throwing up bile isn’t regularly a huge issue but now i am a little worried.. its 7pm and my vets closed- i don’t want to rush him to the animal hospital if im just being paranoid. He pulled a paper plate off the table today and was in his crate for a while so its possible he could’ve just been hungry, i don’t know for sure, i guess im just worried. Should I take him or not?

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4 Responses to “Dog chewed up pads and passed them, throwing up bile now..?”

  1. Stephen A says:

    Any dog throwing up Bile for 3 days should see a vet as soon as they can, or call the vet for phone advice.

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  2. Kris says:

    No, I have several Chihuahuas and they get into stuff constantly. They ate the arm of a recliner one day. They chewed open a pillow once. The dog is fine.
    You will get these people on here, who will tell you to rush your dog to the emergency vet, because it farted and didn’t sound like a normal fart.
    These emergency vets are such a rip off. you do not need a $300-$400 bill, for a vet to make them puke again and give them a iv.
    Just pull the scruff of the dogs neck up and watch. The skin should bounce back. If it stays like a peak the dog is dehydrated. I doubt it though.
    If you need more support e mail me privately.
    You are fine.

  3. Angel says:

    my dog used eat my pads too, i dont know why but how i solved it was with a baby gate. dont worry but if his throwing up lasts longer than a day take him to the vet.

  4. Messykatt says:

    I hate when this stuff happens on weekends, and it doesn’t help that he’s so small. Does it appear that he’s passed the amount he ate? I’ve literally had to pull my yorkie’s crap apart by hand to see what’s in there (he ate part of my robe about 6 months ago). If so, and you haven’t noticed anything odd since then, the bile could be empty tummy, like you say. Have you been feeding him regularly?

    I’d be tempted to just keep a very close eye on him if he’s eating normally. Chances are, if this had caused an obstruction of some sort, he’d be showing signs of discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, etc. If you don’t go the ER vet, though, I think you need to stick close by your pup tonight and at least make sure you know where the nearest one is in case you have to rush out. But it doesn’t sound like he’s developed a problem from it. I’d think you’d know within 3 days.

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