Does your cat steal things? Knock things off tables?

I just sat down and turned on YA. I have a few bills here I’m going to pay and a Sharpie marker to write my conformation of payment numbers on top of the statements. My rotten girl Lou Lou jumped on the desk, grabbed the Sharpie in her mouth, like a dog would a bone, and took off ! I was so surprised I didn’t even try and grab it. Any time she can find a drink cup with a straw she takes those and runs but never a heavy pen before.
To amuse herself she sits on the desk, table, night stand, etc and will knock things into the floor and then stare at them to see if they’ll come back up. That I enjoy watching. Stealing my pen is a new one. She is truly the most entertaining cat I’ve ever had.
Do you guys have cats that show off with un-cat like behaviors?
Lou Lou was found in an abandoned house with her sister and 5 babies. They were all very ill and lucky to have been alive.
A friend has one of her sons who also knocks things off counters. He was sitting on the counter watching her get can soup from under the sink cabinet and when she bent down to get more, knocked the can off hitting her in the forehead. She has a huge knot and bruise. Its so funny listening to her explain what happened to other people. You’ve gotta love them!
Lou loves to punish those evil Q-tips also. Its too funny what odd things they amuse them selves with. The brat has just grabbed my sharpie again and hopped on top the TV with it. It must have done something really mean to her last night.
Misery…I watched a special on how to keep cats off the counters. It said to put double stick/double sided tape down so the sensation on the paws is not pleasant.

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8 Responses to “Does your cat steal things? Knock things off tables?”

  1. jellyro says:

    When I had a cat it jumped on the counter then knocked over a glass of water

  2. Splashh xD says:

    Hehehee my cat’s like that too xD She is determined to sit/walk on places that she can’t fit on, stay in cardboard boxes, will only settle down on a rectangle (eg, the tv guide, school book, work, letters, laptop, patterns on a rug…), she also love Biro’s! No Biro’s in my house stay on a surface for more than 10 minutes before being whacked onto the floor! She likes sitting on window sills and knocking off very expensive breakable ornamentsts, she’ll sit on a windows sill or outside table and almost ‘talk’ to the birds by making a weird chirpy noise, she has to dip her paw in her water before drinking it, if you whistle she goes bizzerke! running about meowing/singing and the funniest thing is she’ll run through the kitchen, whip open 3 cupboard doors and run off like a naughty school kid…. she is hilariouss! xD

  3. Misery says:

    My cats new favourite thing is stealing the dog’s kibble and batting it around. Also tearing down halls like racecars. I wish I knew how to keep them off of counters when I’m not around them.. They break dishes, get food everywhere, lick dishes, steal paper.. It’s so annoying. >_<

  4. Kel says:

    I have a kitten, she’s less than a year old now, near the size of an adult cat, but still has her kitten tendencies. She’s plays constantly. She carries things around in her mouth like a dog, toys, pieces of paper, she loves the rings off of a milk jug lid, just about anything she can pick up. She also knocks everything off tables, lighters, soda caps, coasters, anything.

  5. Blackcat says:

    Cats always surprise us with the things they do,just as you were surprised that she made off with your sharpie! i had a cat once who loved nothing more than to knock things off shelf’s, it was as if she loved to see me panic,she once knocked over a thousand piece jigsaw that was almost completed,i only had about ten pieces to go but my cat had other ideas!,i started all over again but some pieces were missing and never found,

    she would also meow for help to get down from the shed at 2 am each morning, my brother in law got her down one time and got his pyjama bottoms stuck on a nail ripping them in the bargain,if that wasn’t bad enough the neighbour came around the corner with a torch, as he thought we had intruders,and saw more than he should have done as his pyjamas were gone at the back end, not leaving anything to the imagination!

    my brother in law still hasn’t lived it down and we haven’t stopped laughing,and a cat caused all this drama,like your story about your friends bruise,though i suspect your friend didn’t find it funny at the time ouch!

    and yes you gotta love them!

  6. raspberry_daisy_twist says:

    My oldest cat has such an attitude, she particularly hates when anyone in the house sings, and will meow quite angrily at anyone who does! Also, she likes to be under the covers at night, and will steal my blankets at times as she wraps herself in them!
    My middle cat has me trained to get her food. If she gets hungry at night and her bowl is empty, she will come into my bedroom and poke me with her paw until I wake up, and then she’ll meow at me! Once, she even "punched" me in the eye with her little paw! Rotten things.

  7. cat lover says:

    Cat lovers consider that cats love to do gravity experiments. They want to continually test whether the Law of Gravity has been repealed, and the best way to do that is to knock things off tables, etc. As long as they drop to the floor, the cat is assured that gravity is still present.

    And cats will sneak off with things. Some cats will continually take things and stash them on one place. Some cat owners get quite a surprise when the discover the stash.

    If I have pasta measured out prior to putting them into boiling water, and turn my back, one of my cats will grab some and run away with it. It is really funny to see her racing off with a strand of spaghetti in her mouth.

  8. Gary C says:

    Our cats knock everything off of tables and other furniture. They seem to like watching them fall. My father-in-law says they are repeating Isaac Newton’s experiments.
    Sometimes, though, one will knock down something that makes a louder crash than they expected. Then the cat will run for its life, apparently thinking "How did that happen?"

    One of our cats’ favorite toy is a dirty Q-Tip. She finds Q-Tips in the trash bin and takes them out and chases them around the house. It’s funny to see her sneaking up on an unsuspecting Q-Tip as it lies innocently on the floor. She’s careful not to let the Q-Tip see her until the last possible moment.

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