Does PetSmart provide Rabies shots and if so, how much?

My cat needs to be groomed because his fur gets matted (I know, we need to brush him more) and our local vet overcharges for shots. I heard that PetSmart will groom pets as long as they’ve had a rabies shot. Will PetSmart provide a rabies shot, and how much if they do? I can’t seem to find enough info on their web site.

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2 Responses to “Does PetSmart provide Rabies shots and if so, how much?”

  1. Debbie Parish says:

    Only from a vet.

  2. cat lover says:

    Many PetSmarts have a Banfield Pet clinic inside. But that entails a regular vet visit, and they are known for trying to push extra services. If your area requires a rabies shot, then get it somewhere. You really have no choice.

    As far as mats, the best approach for a short haired cat is using a flea comb, and for a longer haired cat, a pin brush. It has prongs on one side to remove undercoat, and the brush side for surface fur.

    If you have mats, the link I am providing is what I use to remove mats. You cannot cut your cat, and the protected blade slices through mats. The point can help poke through a mat, so you can slice it off in portions. If the mat is tight against the skin, your task will be harder.

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