Does anyone know anything about hotels for pets?

i was thinking about owning one when im older.
they are really nice hotels just for pets. specifically dogs. maybe cats too. not a kennel where they are in cages. like they have their own room and everything. do you know anything about them?

-are they successful/do ppl actually send their pet there?
-have you ever used one? if so would you do it again or recommend it?
-are there lots of them to the point where i wont be successful b/c i’ll have too many competitors??
-would it be a decent income?
-how much are they per night or day?


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    One Response to “Does anyone know anything about hotels for pets?”

    1. ♪ Seattle ♫ says:

      Hi Abby…the pet hotels business venture is growing by leaps and bounds. Many who have been successful each have their own designs to create a comforting environment for the cats or dogs.

      Fees for each pet hotels does vary from each location as well as features offered at the hotels. There isn’t really a set rate because of the variety of offerings from each place.

      Income profit will depend on how successful the businesses are operated.

      Here’s a listing of different pet hotels found online:

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