Doberman stereotypes!?

So i have a 2yo doberman (red, cropped ears) and he is rescued. He is good with dogs and cats in general but I really want to socialise him and i want him to play with other big dogs. He is my only dog so far but I am soon getting a small dog. Anyway the socialising isint getting anywhere really since ppl are scared of him. I bring him at the park and ppl walk in the opposite direction, when i let him run in a leashless area either ppl call there dogs back or trash me and when i bring him to pet stores no one wants anything to do with him. I bring him places with me but it dosent really help his socialisation when ppl walk away. I get him the exercise he needs i jog with him, bring him for long walks. But i just dont know how to socialise him more with other dogs.

* i brought him a few times at a kennel day care were he supposely was supposed to get a hour play time with other dogs but only got 15 minutes and the rest of the day was in a cage wich really scared him.
unfortunatly the rescue were i got him from is about 6 hours away from where I live

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4 Responses to “Doberman stereotypes!?”

  1. Tam says:

    You could try going to and search for a doberman or large breed dog group in your area. I have a Boston Terrier and we belong to a Boston Terrier meet up group. We meet up once a month or more often to let our dogs play together off leash.

  2. nick i need help says:

    A lot of people are scared of dobermans, or think that they are just vicious dogs. Do you have any friends that you can get to be around him? Do they have any dogs? How about family? I’m not saying he needs it, but it seems that people are scared of him maybe you should get him a muzzle, when you take him to like a pet store.

  3. cobaltspero says:

    you can bring him back to the place you adopted him from and get some help from those people. or you can introduce the new dog to him on neutral territory to see if they get along. its horrible that people treat you and your dog that way. they don’t have that right to do that to you and should keep their damn opinions to themselves, not trash talk you and your dog. as far as the pet store people, you can bash them and show them up in front of other people cuz if they do that then they shouldn’t be working in a place that has to do with animals.

  4. Julie D. says:

    Sign him up for an obedience class even if he is already trained. Make sure that the class is pretty full so there isn’t just you and 2 other dogs. If he already is well trained, he will be a good example of the breed in the eyes of other people there. Tell the instructer that you are solely there for socialization and you a willing to pay for the class even though he is trained and your plans of getting another dog.

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