do you keep your dogs in the house or outside in a run or what?

just a general question over here most keep theirs outside without even a kennel.

My dogs are indoor dogs though, very much part of the family… we go hiking in the mountains at the weekends behind my house and they go on 2 hour walks on the beach everyday 🙂

so yeah?

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    9 Responses to “do you keep your dogs in the house or outside in a run or what?”

    1. Myra says:

      Have a GSD who prefers to be out side. He has his own door into the garage from large fenced back yard. Has his own bed, carpet pieces and water in the garage. Live in Ill. and if the temps are below 20 I make him stay in, I do bring him in at night around four thirty. He is happy with this arrangement. In the summer if it is too hot he is inside with the A/C.

    2. Tasha says:

      My dog is certainly considered part of the family, I keep my dog indoors at night and when everyone is out of the house. At night we have a large pen that he stays in to prevent him from scratching at the door and he has his bed and water and a few soft toys, when everyone is out of the house in the day he has one medium sized utility room where he can have his food and water and he can sleep in there and play and he also has his bed. However when anyone is in the house he can roam around the house and when it is suitable whether he is aloud to be inside and in the garden as well but if it was bad whether he doesn’t go outside, and plus my dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and that breed doesn’t like the rain. He loves going on walks and also keeping him inside keeps him warm especially after cold walks in the winter.

    3. t_jet_72 says:

      My dog runs in and out and in and out constantly as she wishes all day..but she sleeps indoors. She has 50 acres to run around on here and we have our daily game of frisbee every morning around 7am.

    4. ? says:

      If you wanna keep your dog outside there must be a dog house and it must keep the dog warm in winters and cool in summers! u take good care of your dogs 🙂

    5. SayLoveTwice says:

      keeping them outside for long is harsh

    6. Katrina says:

      easy leave them inside when you are home and leave them in the backyard when you are gone

    7. CHAO§: Oakey McSmoky Skittely Do says:

      Well right now all my dogs are inside. We plan on enclosing our porch like area in the back yard to make a dog room, so that will technically be outside but still enclosed. Most of our dogs will be out in that room, some will still be upstairs with us.

    8. eye says:

      my dog is kept indoors …

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