Do you have Pet Insurance for your Dog? If so, with what company? Any recommendations?

I have a rhodesian ridgeback puppy. This week he tried to escape from his kennel and got stuck at the hips. When I got home from work he was so panicked! There was blood on his hips and on the floor and around his mouth. When I approached him he bit me out of desparation… I was finally able to calm him down and free him. I took him to the vet immediately. He was fine, the blood was from a little superficial wound to his gums, and his hips were only slightly bruised. They gave me antibiotics, and pain killers for him, and as of last night he was running around the yard like the speed demon he is! What I realized in all this was that I am so insanely emotionally attached to this dog, that I would pay any amount to keep him healthy… but I would rather not! (pay out of pocket that is!) So, I’m shopping for pet insuance for him! I’m realizing there are a ton of providers and the range of mo. payments/co-pays/annual & incident caps vary. What are your suggestions. Thank you
If you have pet insurance, and you don’t mind sharing, please either answer with, or feel free to email me with a description of your coverage, the monthly payment, co-payment, inceident and term caps… as much info as you can!

Thank you so much!

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    6 Responses to “Do you have Pet Insurance for your Dog? If so, with what company? Any recommendations?”

    1. langlaiszoo says:

      When you register your pup with AKC, they offer pet insurance free for 2 months, but you have to enroll them right away.

      I always tell everyone who buys a pup from me that the time you will use the insurance most likely is in those first couple of years.

      My ER vet recommends VPI, as they pay the best and cover the most.

    2. Dana D says:

      I have a friend who has & loves VPI. We’ve been kicking the idea of insuring our dogs & we would use VPI. I also have large breeds & thier bills seem to really rack up.

    3. Elizabeth B says:

      we go through Banfield..Banfield is located in Petsmart… I think we pay $15 a month for it..

      Good Luck

    4. fetchdog says:

      YOU WILL NEVER COME OUT MONEY AHEAD WITH PET INSURANCE. shop around for it, find out their monthly rates and put it in a savings account.

    5. nomsbrax says:

      Banfield offers pet insurance and it’s around $15 a month. You can find them in PetSmart stores.

    6. Jasmijo says:

      I had a similar situation with my puppy this last winter. She got her snout stuck in the wires of her crate trying to get to the laundry! She ended up only losing a baby tooth from the incident, but we got pet insurance right away.

      We have VPI. And, despite Fetchdogs comment, we have already saved more than our yearly premium. Our pup had some parasites, as puppies often do, as well as her spay surgery and check-ups. It was all covered, at least partially, by the insurance and the wellness coverage we chose. It also covers her heartworm and flea preventative. The customer service people are really easy to deal with and the claim forms are straight forward. We’ve had no problems. I think it’s great and will continue to use it in the years to come.

      *Add* We pay about $25 a month.

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