Do dogs with Kennel Cough constantly cough or..?

is it dispersed? My dog coughed for like 5 minutes once today after he was running around and playing but hasn’t coughed since..
I have had him since Jan 11, he is 11 weeks old. I have not brought him to the petstore or into public because he has not has his 3rd set of shots (booked for Feb9/09.. he just had his last shots Jan 9/09)

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    4 Responses to “Do dogs with Kennel Cough constantly cough or..?”

    1. SibeChick says:

      My first puppy had a very bad case of Kennel Cough, to be honest he never coughed much…what he was, was lethargic and his nose was dripping snot, and just all around not feeling well. We took him in and it was kennel cough, he was hospitalized for 2 weeks. Multiple medications and nebulizer treatments. He came back good as new!

    2. Bonzie12 says:

      Dogs will cough like that after exercising if they have heartworms. Have you had him checked for that lately?

    3. KoAussie says:

      It’s like the human cold, some cough intermittently while others cough frequently. Milder cases may only cause a cough a few times a day. Other causes of coughing must be considered as well.

    4. I Love My Pets says:

      some do some dont. There are other symptoms involved such as nose discharge, fever, lethargy. Some dogs cough constantly. a Dry HACKING cough. If its cold where you are, it could have been the dry weather. It could be something caught in its throat. IF its a small dog, it could be a Collapsed Trachea hes had all his life and its just now you are noticing it. Sometimes strenous activity, cold and dry weather can bring out a spell of coughing and vommiting. I would just get him a check up.
      Has he been to the vet, boarding, to a public area with other dogs? If not then I dont think he got Kennel Cough just from being outside. Its a contagious disease that is passed from dog to dog, and usually in a closed, poorly ventilated area such as a vet office, kennel or doggie day care.

      AHHH you just got him, then he came to you already sick. Where ever you got him from, Shelter, Store, or Breeder has a case of Kennel cough running through there place. You need to call and let them know. Get your dog in now before it gets bad and get him on some antibiotics. It can take a turn for the worse if you dont catch it now.

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