Did your dog ever run into your car while the car door is open and sits in the car?

We are a family of five sometimes my mom or dad just came back so we open the door for them but they are carrying groceries so they left a door open and our dog runs in and then sits or when only two of us are about to leave she runs into the car and sits.

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    7 Responses to “Did your dog ever run into your car while the car door is open and sits in the car?”

    1. Marna O says:

      My previous dog, Yes. All the time.

      Funny thing, he actually hated car rides. But he knew after the car ride we ended some place FUN! Like an agility trial, or herding lessons, or a walk in a park, or camping……

    2. Rather B Fishing says:

      It wants to go for a car ride!

    3. erin_keeps_trying says:

      My beagle will run to the car, but the car itself is too high so he’ll attempt to wiggle himself up in vain…then look back at us with his big chocolate eyes.

    4. sunshine says:

      Your dog just wants to make sure that if any ride is going to be happening that it will get to go too! My dog does this all the time. Dogs are pretty darned smart about car door open means possible ride! LOL!

    5. Tasha says:

      lol yup, sometimes my dog will do that if I open the car door randomly. He absolutely loves car-rides.

    6. tj says:

      Get the hint! Everybody else gets to go for a ride in this thing, I want to go too!

    7. K says:

      My dog does it all the time. She wants to go for a ride, go someplace interesting (doggy park!), feel the wind or the a/c on her face. If you do take your dog for car rides, get a doggy harness/seat belt at your pet store. This prevents wandering around the car, falling out the window, and leaving the car before I want her to.
      If you don’t want to take the dog for a ride, praise the dog for coming back to the house.

      We have three dogs, so we put them in a different room or in the yard while bringing in groceries.

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