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demetri martin

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25 Responses to “Demetri Martin – Large Pad.flv”

  1. treflip063 says:

    Dimitri’s stand up is godlike <3

  2. Lupinscub says:

    On the 10th of Jaunary 2011 a worldwide boycott of youtube will take place.

    Which means for one whole day no-one will visit youtube. This is to show the

    owners of youtube, that they are turning a great video sharing site, into

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    Do your part, copy and paste this onto other videos, and give this comment a thumbs


  3. lakennicoleloveshim says:

    @coreygames i live in wv and i no the feeling lol

  4. coreygames says:

    I just want to throw out there that I know he isn’t at all serious, but it isn’t easy to live in WV, and I doubt anyone can get all the squiggly mountain borders right.

  5. shortanimationz says:

    @MrSajid1313 They are probably douchbags. 15%

  6. kelshatesall says:

    Demetri Martin <3

  7. pastageek2 says:

    @Lionzlove ja, he iz da roflcopter^cake

  8. SuperTrentwilliams says:

    ‘boob or cd’
    either way dont scratch

  9. dodgerboy1988 says:

    people who live in a glasshouse shouldn’t throw stone unless your’e trapped in a glasshouse

  10. kapitoshka04 says:

    This dude is soo talented. Doesnt he like play the guitar, harmonica, piano..and he s really funny without being one dimensional

  11. OddTheNerd says:

    I just noticed something: This is the majority of all xkcd comics. ever. srsly, look at xkcd: the Your a kitty! comic is representative of the i dont care how cute you are.

    i dont want to hear about your f*cking cat anymore

  12. Lionzlove says:

    I laughed so hard I hit my teeth on my laptop that was laying on my stomach… this dude is THAT funny!

  13. mitchellman011 says:


  14. pomegranatekryptonit says:

    Woah, calling people gay as an insult. That’s original.
    Amazingly funny vid though.

  15. 033jONaH330 says:

    “when your a cannibal, every fight IS INDEED a food fight!” ~my fav. demetri martin quote

  16. KyrstSings says:

    17 people have no sense o humor

  17. gabber00124 says:

    Love the joke at 8:53

  18. fabielhermoso says:

    968 people witnessed a pillow vs pillow fight

  19. TheKamillaShow says:

    @alexitouch123 yea but still. demetri is still holarious

  20. TheKamillaShow says:

    16 people are midgets who were drunk last night..

  21. catkids34 says:

    I want this show back on comedy central!!

  22. grizzly831 says:

    hes so random

  23. alexitouch123 says:

    tosh.0 is funnier

  24. uberfishy1pker says:

    he does not understand the concept of a graph

  25. MrSajid1313 says:

    15 people are hummer owners

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