Del Rubio Triplets portray The Wanker Triplets

From an episode of Married With Children, edited down to focus on the portions featuring the sisters. This is one of my all time favorite episodes of the show, and apparently someone in the studio audience thought so as well. Listen to him howl right after Buck the dog runs upstairs to hide after Uncle Otto announces “we’re famished!” You can hear this guy laughing throughout the entire episode. Anyway, enjoy this video of The Del Rubio Triplets and the comedy of Married With Children

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5 Responses to “Del Rubio Triplets portray The Wanker Triplets”

  1. 5henangn says:

    toooo funny

  2. aspen39 says:

    Uncle Otto was played by James “Gypsy” Haake

  3. Newtwist75 says:

    @raisetheflag88 lispy voice: “Oh the Duke is Dead lets focus on the living”

  4. TechForThought says:

    who is the guy that says “somebody left the wd40 at home”. he sounds very familiar

  5. raisetheflag88 says:

    I loved how worked up Al got over Hondo!

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