Dead Dog Ltd. – ‘HOTSHOT’ – ‘banned in Jamaica

video and music copyright(P) (C) 2011 Wayne Bowen Directed by Wayne Insane Bowen, Freddie Burrowes, Trey, Carolyn Sides. Shot in JIS-JBC TV Studio, Half-Way-Tree, Grants Pen, Wacky Pen, Drumblair, Sandy Gully, UWI Kingston Jamaica. The first Dead Dog Ltd. videos were shot by Jamaica Information Service’s Freddie Burrowes. JIS had a feature where they would expose new talent on their TV programme. Burrowes heard ‘HOTSHOT’ backed with ‘Do You Really Love Him?’ and invited the group for a taping. Two takes were done of ‘HOTSHOT’ and one and a half takes of the second song which Burrowes apparently preferred, dubbing the lyrics “…subtly, very good..” He phoned back about a week later to apologise and say that ‘management’ didn’t want to air the ‘HOTSHOT’ video because they thought it was too controversial. Insane quipped back, “You mean them ban us in Jamaica?” and Burrowes said, “Well you could say so …” and mentioned the band’s name and also the fact that Colin F’s t-shirt seemed to say ‘SHIT’ if you weren’t looking closely. He said he pointed out to then that the shirt in fact was a clever graphic play and said ‘SHIrT.’ Later the group’s lawyer Milton Samuda obtained the tape and gave it to Dead Dog Ltd. That has since been lost but a very poor quality dub on VHS survives. A young filmmaker called Trey met the group and agreed to shoot some footage of them around Grants Pen. He got some great shots but that tape too (with more than 2 hours footage) has also disappeared

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