Crate training difficulties…?

What do you do when you’re trying to crate train a puppy (for house training), but the puppy will just go to the bathroom in the crate?

We trained our Lab with pee pads (I know some people hate them, but that’s not the point). Anyways.

I’m trying to crate train our Pomeranian (13 wk old female) and it’s just not going as well as I was expecting. Is she just too small to try to expect much from her at this point? At 3 months, shouldn’t she – in theory – be able to hold it for about 3 hours? Or is it different for smaller dogs?

I’ve never house trained a toy breed before, so I decided to try crate training because I get the impression that it works very well. Unfortunately, she’ll just go in the crate.

She gives no indication of when she has to go either. No sniffing or whining or anything. That’s why I’m not realizing that she’s needing out of the crate.
Sometimes she’ll pee 3 times in an hour; other times, like when she’s napping, it could be 5 hours in between pees.

We do have a pee pad down by the door for when she’s not in her crate, just in case we can’t grab her & take her out in time. We’re not teaching her to use it, it’s just there to make cleaning up accidents easier. Would that be conflicting for her?

Any related advice is certainly welcome.
To clarify – the peeing three times in an hour thing comes from a situation like this:
She’s out of her crate, with me and squats. I grab her, take her out. She doesn’t pee, so I bring her back in. Repeat. Like I said, she gives no indication what so ever that she has to go. She just stops and pees.

She’s been cleared by the vet, no problems.

There’s a chance her crate is too big, but because they’re SOOOO expensive, we bought one that would work through her whole life.
We did the same for our Lab with no troubles.
The pee pad is there because we’re trying to get her to associate going to the door with going outside. That’s why she’s not tethered. We want her to know that when she stands by the door, she gets taken out.

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    3 Responses to “Crate training difficulties…?”

    1. felixthecat says:

      Is the crate small enough? Is she eliminating on her bedding or in a corner away from the bedding? If she can find a free corner, she’ll use it. If she has soiled cloth bedding, they need to be washed/bleached to remove the smell…if she can still smell it, she will re-mark the spot.

      Urinating three times in one hour sounds like a possible medical issue, has she been vet checked?

      Regarding pads; based on your description, it sounds like you interrupt an accident and have her finish on the pad. If that is the case, that is INCREDIBLY confusing to her. You need to get her all the way outside to reinforce the behavior you are seeking.

      Regarding "in case we can’t grab her…in time;" she should be no farther than 6 feet away from you. She needs to be tethered to you any time she’s not in her crate until she’s 100% reliable.

      What is her history? If she came from a pet store or puppy mill environment, she may very well have been "trained" to soil her den.

    2. emmaenssle says:

      Take her outside often (about every 3-5 hours). If she goes outside, praise her. Then after a while, when she has to go she will stand at the door, jump on it, or try to tell you she wants out. It worked with my dog. Hope I helped!


      you don’t have to have her in a crate house training is pretty easy but might take longer than you expect or might take shorter just every time she is outside don’t play with her until she goes to the bathroom then praise her and say good dog in a cheery voice and stroke her do this every time

      if she makes a mess inside then don’t yell or spank her that can scare her so bad she didn’t know what she did hold her at the skin on the back of her neck and shake her and say BAD!!! in a serious voice and take her outside

      try to get up early about 6:30 and take her out and take her out when she makes signs:

      she might stop playing and walk away. she holds her head low. she is about to make a puddle

      she may start to circle around and sniff. she is about to make a pile

      she may disappear and go into another room. she is about to make a mess

      try to catch these signs and take her out .

      if it is an old mess don’t do anything cause it will think you are meaning to hurt him because he wont remember.

      PS: its better to start house training at 3 months. so good thinking and he should learn at least by 6 m months if not less

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