Crate Training……?

Okay, I am going to paper train my new chihuahua puppy so it will be an indoor dog. I have heard that it is vital to crate train as well… I am not sure I want to do this because I want her to sleep in my bed with me. If she will be confined in my bedroom with her puppy pads available (when I am at work for 6 hours), do I need to crate train her?

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    8 Responses to “Crate Training……?”

    1. Brittany D says:

      not really … if your new dog is puppy pad trained it will be ok…

    2. Reddii says:

      I would crate train her regardless. It just makes life soooooooo much easier. Don’t think of the space as a cage or crate, think of it as their own personal sanctuary – they do.

      My two are crate trained and if we have loud and noisy kids over for example they just go into their crates because they feel safe and secure there. She can still sleep on your bed if you want, but what if you go somewhere she isn’t allowed to – the crate is a perfect alternative.

      What about if you have a partner who might not be so keen on a dog sharing the bed – the crate is again perfect. It is also helpful in toilet training and improving your leadership.

      Good luck with your pup.

    3. <bum bum bum> says:

      I got a Chihuahua puppy recently and well I was thinking I would just puppy pad train him because he is so small and an indoor dog. He used the puppy pads great and learned fast but then it really started to smell and sometimes he would miss the pad just by a little and would go on the carpet. I would strongly advise to just start by teaching him to go outside its not that big of a deal. Any vet and most dog owners will tell you crate your dog. My puppy sleeps with me and most of the time I leave him out when I am gone but the crate training really helps with potty training. Teach him to sleep in there when he is napping or when your gone for the first couple weeks and as soon as he comes out led him outside to use the restroom. If you still want to just use puppy pads do the same thing. In the winter or on colder days I put a little sweater on my puppy to go outside so he doesnt shiver. If you ever have company and need him out of the way and quite the crate will be great then as well. If he isnt used to being confined he will cry very loudly when you dont want him to and it is sort of fustrating. Hope this helps.

    4. Ruby S says:

      Crates provide a safe and secure place for dogs, leave doors open then they can come and go as they please and it wont be a shock when you want to shut them in – most dogs love them. I had two chihuahas and they used thiers all thier life, also used it for travelling – it was great almost like thier own house.

    5. Courtney says:

      crates are good for other things, not just potty training!
      like above, its like their own little "den", they feel safe there!
      crates also good for when he/she starts chewing =]

    6. boxersdodrool says:

      Crates are a wonderful thing for canines. They aren’t meant for punishment but to offer a dog a ‘den’. By all means get one for her size and put a blanket or dog bed and a toy or 2 in there. My dog(s) are crated when no one is home and the doors are open when someone is. They still have run of the house at night and sleep with me. You dog should be able to hold it for 6 hours until you can let her out. Or will you ever let her out? Anyways, the crate is a great thing. By all means get one.

    7. Michael B says:

      If you paper train and teach her to go outside you don’t need to use a crate, I hate crates it’s a damn prison let the dog have the run of the house. I have a 6yr.old Samoyed and I trained him like you without the crate and he has never made a mess in the house ever.

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