Coyotes… Would they harm my dogs?

I have five dogs, a Chihuahua (4 and 1/2 pounds), A Boston Terrier/Pug mix (14lbs), a Border collie mix (28 pounds), a Pit Bull (45lbs), and a Siberian Husky/Rottweiler mix (67 pounds).. All ranging between 3years and 7 years old. I have recently spotted a pack of six coyotes wandering around my property, it has me VERY concerned, to say the least. They have been coming closer and closer to my home, ESPECIALLY when it’s just my dogs outside, but when i’m outside they keep their distance, but i can still see them looking out from between the trees. The Coyotes just showed up about four days ago. Should i be worried about them attacking my dogs? Or do they not go after domestic pets because they smell like humans after being stroked and cuddled by them? If they would, how can i prevent it? I am afraid to let them outside, as these Coyotes seem to becoming quite bold. I can’t put up a fence or a kennel.

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19 Responses to “Coyotes… Would they harm my dogs?”

  1. TK says:

    You must be new from the city. Coyotes will kill dogs. Coyotes stay in family units so where you see one be assured there are five more hidden nearby. My neighbor had his Border Collie – Aussie mix jumped by our resident coyotes on his cleared property. The dog ran too close to the brush where the coyotes were waiting, my neighbor stepped inside his back door to grab something and heard his dog scream. Luckily he was fast and had a gun close by to chase them off but his dog was weeks recovering and had sutures and drains allover. A smaller dog would have been toast.
    If you can’t build a safe enclosure, with a lid, for your dogs outside, then you need to be watching over them whenever they are outside. Also, owls will take your two smaller dogs so never allow them outside at night alone.

  2. glassescarblue says:

    Yes, coyotes will hurt and even kill small dogs. A pack of coyotes would probably even attack larger dogs.

  3. Bluie says:


  4. Don Antonio says:

    if they’re hungry they’ll go for the small dogs and if they can draw the bigger dogs away from the house they may even go for them. a single coyote probably wont attack a larger dogs since dogs are very aggressive at night when they see something they dont recognize

  5. Pamela D. says:

    Yes coyotes have been known to run down dogs and kill them for food. When your dogs are out you should be there to supervise them and run off any coyotes that come around.

  6. Mike says:

    Yes they will. Coyotes see small dogs as food and large dogs as competetors or threats. Your pit bull and husky/rottweiler mix would have to protect the rest of your dogs if they were to ever launch an attack and you were not outside with them and six coyotes on two dogs they will win. If you cannot put up a fence then you may need them to stay inside for security. You can put ammonia on the outter edges of your property to deter them.

  7. James Platt says:

    yes these dogs are in danger of being eaten coyotes will usually lure dogs away from safety where the rest of the pack will be waiting. although a Husky will be a surprise to coyotes a pack of 6 will easily kill it. the chihuahua will just be carried off if not protected by the others, the boston terrier and the pit bull might stand a chance but i doubt it. and i’m not sure about the collie. if it is legal in your area get a 44. magnum and shoot them next time you see them(any gun is ok). or call animal control or your local zoo. put your pets inside until you’ve exterminated the problem.

  8. broken_crosst says:


    i too live on a farm where there are Coyotes
    first are any of your dogs not fixed (not condeming) as Males who are not fixed like my male dane can lure Coyote females closer if they are ready to breed and vice versa Females who are not fixed will lure Male Coyotes in if they are in season,

    also coyotes behave like wolves and a coyote if hungry enough will take down a dog. They use pack mentality they are a visible presence for awhile so your dogs get used to seeing them and then they will send usually a young female out while they stay hidden to play and lure your dog back to where the rest of the pack is in wait and then the pack will circle around and take down your dog.

    THE thing you have going for you is that you have 5 dogs so you have your own pack and they are less likely to attack a pack then if you just had one dog outside. Be careful, and be vigilent especially if you have any dogs in heat right now.

  9. Shelly says:

    You are right to be worried.
    Coyotes are known to kill cats and dogs. They usually won’t go after a bigger dog but they’re also much more brave in a pack.
    Their pack is much stronger than yours. I would stay outside with your dogs when you take them out at night.
    I’ve heard that when hunters set a bait pile for a coyote, the coyote won’t go right for the bait. They circle it and come closer and closer every night. Eventually getting to the bait. They’re very smart animals, and although shy, also very dangerous.

  10. Rebecca says:

    COyotes don’t like/prefer to come close to humans and their property/animals but they will if they do not have enough food to survive. If the coyotes are forced to go without food for too long they will take drastic measures (and to them drastic measures means coming close to humans and their dwelings) so in other words, it is unlikely, but still very possible. If you can’t keep up a fence or anything then i’m not so sure about how to get rid of them. From my (limited) knowledge i would say try being outside a lot (especially when the dogs are out) your presence will most likely scare them away. Try not to be "on edge" when they are around because they will sense it and most likely be… not really less afraid but possibly more willing because they will take your fear as weakness. Also if u see them don’t be afraid of getting a gun. I personally love coyotes and wolves and such plus i don’t think that you want a dead coyote body to have to take care of so i would say don’t shoot them but shoot near them or up in the air or something. That will almost certainly scare them off.

  11. Kayla Willis says:

    They most likely would because coyotes are known to eat common household pets. I would reccomend keeping your dogs inside during the night and supervise them when they are outside during the day.
    Hope this helps!!!

  12. Wyatt says:

    ocasionally, yes, but only if they don’t have enough food. I’m not saying you should feed them, cause that will make it worse, but just be careful. they normally do go for small dogs, if any at all. so, to keep them away, just install lights or something along the perimeter of your backyard, and it will make the coyotes fear there, because they will probably suspect people are there. however, coyotes don’t fit into the "more afraid of you then you are of them" group, usually. mostly, though, the best thing to do is keep a good eye on your dogs, and not be afraid to go out and try to scare away coyotes if they are out there. just wave your arms to make yourself look bigger. they are notorious for being fearless, so make yourself convinsing. now, i love coyotes and extremely admire them, but i understand they can be a problem, however, remember, they do not typically attack pets, especially in suburban places, actually, because they get enough food from trash cans and stuff.

  13. i <3 pups says:

    u should b worried about the small dogs (chi and b.t pug mix.). i no a person who’s dachsund was attacked by coyotes. Normally the coyotes would attack, but if ur big dogs have the strength to attack the coyote pack leader than it’s ok, and the coyotes will be afraid.
    well if u can’t keep a fence, then just keep the dogs inside

  14. Laura loves Luna! says:

    Don’t let your dogs outside without your supervision, take a shot gun and fire a couple shots at them, or chase after them on a fourwheeler. Coyotes aren’t as brave as they seem, chase em on a four wheeler, car, or shoot at them (don’t hit them), and they will be GONE.

  15. Sunshine says:

    They will go after your dogs, especially the smaller ones. Having a human scent is not going to stop them one bit. You need to keep your dogs in at night, and if they have to go out, take them on a leash and stay with them near the house until their business is done. A pack of Coyotes is very capable of attacking all your dogs, it’s what they do to live, so they are in a way "organized" and know what to do.

  16. arial39 says:

    coyotes will kill and eat household pets if they have half a chance. you can either kill them off as they are considered a pest and there is open season on them in most area, check your hunting regulations.or youll have to supervise your dogs (and children for that matter) very closely when they are outside.

  17. Jose says:

    yes they will harm your dogs

  18. Corrie says:

    yes they would i dont knwo what to say go on google or something

  19. Horse Lover says:

    Yes they will. Coyotes have been known to jump fences to get small dogs. I would keep a close eye on the 2 smallest dogs. If the dogs are usually all out together in the yard the coyotes will be less likely to attack a pack of animals.
    While coyotes do run in packs of about 6 the usually hunt in pairs. Call you local fish and game department and ask what you can do to deter them from hanging around.

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