containment for an aussie? (question about kennels)?

Its about to start being winter as we all know. All my dogs will be placed in a kennel for a short while (no more than 8 hours. Usually only 2 or three). The dogs are given toys and all to keep from getting too bored. We just got an aussie puppy. As with the other dogs, we dont want him running loose and chewing up stuff (also we have a retarded mailman that claims that our dogs are dangerous even when they are behind the closed front door).

Is Remington a good kennel? It would be used for bedtime and trips too. Is there a brand better? I need something that can take a lot and wont be destroyed easy.

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    1. m j says:

      I assume you are talking about a crate? I have never heard of Remington. I have been using General Cage and KennelAire crates for many many years and they hold up very well.

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