Chinese Android Tablet (iPad copy) and my dog

A video of a Android Tablet I bought in China. Of course it cannot be compared with an iPad (even they copy the appearance), but can still use Wi-Fi, YouTube, Camera and Android applications. The price was approximately . The second part of the video is my dog getting puzzled by listening to the music from her own YouTube video. Try to imitate her head movements! The music is “La Mezcla de Rojo”, from (

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6 Responses to “Chinese Android Tablet (iPad copy) and my dog”

  1. ryotter says:

    @mannymarz You are completely right, the sellers sometimes lie or talk without knowing what they are talking about. In my case, I knew what I was buying, as my wife is Chinese and bought it directly for the manufacturer; but if you are looking for Android >2.0, I do not think any of these Chinese iPad-clones will meet your expectations.

  2. mannymarz says:

    @ryotter yeah the lady said that there i can update it but seriously it will be a waste of time…the seller from ebay said it was android 2.0 and it came out 1.6…such a waste…people that are planning to buy an android tablet from android watch out…email me before to tell you the name of the seller

  3. ryotter says:

    @mannymarz Honestly, I do not know, as I never tried. The reason I read in Internet that the firmware in the tablet might be customized; in that case, updating Android might cause you trouble using it; I just preferred not to take the risk. Sorry I cannot help!

  4. mannymarz says:

    can you update it?

  5. ryotter says:

    @tmbslb03 No, android market does not work, so it is not easy to get applications. Either you get the .apk installers, or you use only the limited applications available in the app market that comes pre-installed with the tablet.

  6. tmbslb03 says:

    does android market work on it?

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